Music Monday: The Myke B Show


Editor’s Note: There is so much great music out there, we decided to double our music offering to you. Each Monday, Michael Allen will take the morning detail, and Nate Fritts will continue to knock out the night hours. Everybody wins!


This week’s Music Monday spotlights a really slept on artist I’ve been meaning to share for a while now, Myke Bogan.  Last week Myke opened for Zion I and Snoop Dogg in Boise and to be honest, I was most excited to see Myke B.  What’s really appealing about the Portland rapper is that he’s a laid back but motivated individual with a genuine love for Hip-Hop.  Not to mention he’s an extremely cool guy.  To Myke, you’re not just fans, you’re family.  I’ve chosen a song from each of his three mixtapes so take a listen.

Myke Bogan – Time Pass Autumn

First up we have a track off of Myke Bogan’s first mixtape, So Long, South Dakota.  Myke’s the hottest rapper that isn’t out yet.  Gotta love the wit and punch lines that MB delivers.

Myke Bogan – The Way I Feel

Next up is a track off of Myke’s second project, Monkeys On The Beach aka MOTB.  Check his “real sharp tongue and a guillotine flow”.

Myke Bogan – The World Is Yours

Finally we have a track from Myke’s most recent mixtape, Pretty Hesh.  I’ve had this tape on repeat since it dropped. 

If you’re feelin’ Myke B, be sure to check him out and follow him on Twitter, InstagramYouTube, and Facebook.  You can even pick up some merch here!

Thanks for checking out another installment of Music Monday.  As always, feel free to email me at and let me know what you’ve been listening too.  You just might see it featured here on Music Monday.

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