Music Monday: Ultimate Pump Up Song


The first Monday of the month is always crazy, so today we feel like being different. We’re in a spectacularly jolly mood and we’d like to open up the floor to ALL LAS READERS on this one.

We’re asking you one simple question, which you can answer in the comments section below. When answering the question, make sure to include a link to your song from YouTube or another website so other readers can click and listen to it.

Today’s Music Monday question is…

What is your ultimate pump up song?

IMPORTANT: If you listen to a song that someone shares and you enjoy it, be sure to hit the Like button on the comment in which the song was shared. The comment with the most Likes will receive a free pair of Darth Woozle Shorts!

Darth Woozle Lacrosse Shorts

The winner will be announced Tuesday on the LAS Facebook Page.


Interested in hosting next week’s Music Monday? Drop us a line!

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