Music Monday: Women Who Rock


Welcome to a woman-powered Music Monday, where the rock music is excellent. Maybe you guys have heard these songs before (some of them have been around for a while), and maybe you haven’t… but they’re about as hard driving and awesome as rock music gets.

Sit back and enjoy the power of lady-led rock bands. These could all be on your warm up tape next year.

Breeders – Cannonball

The Breeders formed in the late 80s, and the band led and created by Kim Deal from the Pixies, who everyone just wants to be as cool as.  Cannonball is an unreal jam, and is probably the most commercially successful song the Breeders ever released.

Le Tigre – Deceptacon

This song was huge at Wesleyan. Of course it was.  But I think I first heard it in a snowboarding video. Either way, Deceptacon is amazing and if you don’t know all the words to it, we probably aren’t friends.

Veruca Salt – Seether

Veruca Salt is named after the rich girl who is abducted by squirrels in the most recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  So actually the band is named after the character in the book, but how could I not work a squirrel abduction into this post?

Seether is a great jam that was on constant rotation on MTV back when they played music videos. Louise Post is the life blood of this band, and I can’t help but think she was at least slightly inspired by Kim Deal and The Breeders, but I have no proof.

Got a SUPERB woman-led rock band for me to check out? Hit me up in the comments!  If you think you can do a better Music Monday (and we’re sure you can!), EMAIL US YOUR SONGS & REASONS!