NJ Riot 2016: Winter Update


Over the next three years we’ll be following the NJ Riot 2016 club team. We’re interested to see how this one-off (at least for now) program can maneuver the club/travel team circuit, where their players end up, and any best practices that they learn during the course of their time together.

Hopefully, these posts will help to educate you on what the club scene can be like. Most of the information we get is from parents, and the club’s GM, Lee Southren. In the future, we will meet members of the team, and do some interviews to dig a little deeper into the Riot 2016 mission.

NJ Riot 2016 Players descended on Orlando to take part in the Mid Atlantic Region of 3D Blue Chip. The weather was a stellar 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. For 2.5 days, the Riot boys played with some of the best players in the region and held their own.

The 3D folks ran a very high level, classy event that had great coaching, a great facility, and was very well organized. For anyone who doesn’t get a direct invite to Jake Reed Nike Blue Chip Summer Camp, considered the Jewel of Recruiting Camp invites by some, this is the place to play your way in.

The Riot also got in some community time, helping with Sandy clean up. A solid contingent of Riot players went to Port Monmouth Beach, and despite the weather, they had a decent turn-out and put in a good days work. There was a tremendous amount of washed up wood, trees, garbage, etc. and by the end of the day, the beach was looking pretty good.port.monmouth_riot

The guys who went to the clean up (Wes Moshier G, Griffin McGuire D, Josh Karp D, Johnny Shahpazian A, Jake Southren A, Andrew Villoresi LSM) were rewarded with a free bowl of chowder and a nice lunch at Bahr’s, on the water in Highlands. There was also news coverage by NJ News 12 which you can see on-line at http://www.newjersey.news12.com.

Riot News

  • A website is well underway and should be up and running by Mid March
  • Headwrapz is now the official wrapped decal of the NJ RIOT 2016. After seeing the minimal visibility on the field at 3D, we decided to solicit the in put of “Super Joe” Allen of Headwrapz to create our lid look.nj_riot_lacrosse
  • NJ RIOT 2017 is on its way; Barry Marenberg will be heading up the GMresponsibilities along with a few other Lax Dad’s for initial play Fall 2013, full play for Summer 2014. There will be an evaluation tryout in the fall and final roster appointments will be made by late October. A spot is for the 4 years through HS. This will be overseen by Riot GM/Founder Lee Southren and ASST/GM Tim Rowe.

Remember when Blue Chip was described as a “crown jewel”? Well, the following NJ RIOT 2016 Players have been invited to Jake Reed Nike BlueChip this Summer:

Luke Rowe – Goalie – Roxbury HS
Josh Karp – Defense – Newark Academy
Jake Southren – Attack – Randolph HS

We’ll be back with more on the NJ Riot 2016 as they get deeper into the recruiting vortex, and as they pursue growth as people, and players, both on and off the field. It should be an interesting 30 months!