NKOTB: Trouble In Paradise?


Editor’s Note: Welcome back Josh Acut! He has another update on the South Texas/Flour Bluff LC team’s progress!  Some road bumps are expected.  It’s how you bounce back!

So over the past couple of months it seemed like all was good and the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s High School Team would be good to go and launch this Spring.  I was the biggest supporter, often times preaching to the kids that anything we believed in, we could make happen.

We were all tested these past three-four weeks when we realized that not only were we running low on money, but we were running low on committed players. Now please remember that down in South Texas, lacrosse isn’t the “Fastest Sport on Two Feet”, it isn’t anything but a random page on Facebook, random tweets on Twitter, and a sport that in most eyes is considered… oblivious.

After tryouts, meetings, scrimmages, etc, we have thirteen high school players.  The draw was no longer there, the “love” that some had shown in the past had waned, and in the end, 13 remain.  For these 13, we have pulled resources, we have asked of them more than any coach would.  We ask them to be ready for the worst.  We ask them to practice harder than they have in the past, knowing that they are between a rock and a very hard wall.

Nice helmet sticker! Great idea to Grow the Game!

The deadline for our dues was fast approaching and myself, the Board, and the coaching staff had to decide whether or not to send the money in for the year. The kids want this.  They have expressed the desire to learn, work hard, and grow.  Because of this we have decided to move forward and launch the High School team.

Some will question this move.  Some will say that we are setting these kids up to fail.  Some will bet against us… and to those… we feel the same.  We, the kids and the staff, understand that we will be up against all odds.  With only 13, we have no room for injury, no room for quitting, and we must expect the worst.

With that said, the kids have gone back to the basics, no more YouTube… strict practices going over and over the fundamentals.  They know that they cannot afford to be fancy; they must learn to do the most fundamental of lacrosse skills faster and better than the other teams.  As you read this, and hope that there is a Cinderella season in the making, understand that we know that this season might have a bad ending.  We understand that we will have to work that much harder than the other teams just to get to a competitive level.

So all of that is to say, now it’s time to go to work and have some fun!!!

To the kids on the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s High School team and to ALL other High School teams…  I met Brett Hughes this past weekend and he said it best… “Play with Passion”.

Stay tuned for more!!


  1. Hang in there. You might be surprised as the season draws near; kids seem to come out of the woodwork as it gets closer. Especially if your current 13 begin talking to buddies playing other sports. It happens here all of the time.

  2. I started out with 15 boys four years ago. We just had registration and are know have over 100 players. Keep the faith and carry your stick everywhere you go. Kids will come up to you and immediately start asking questions.