NLL Does Great Things – The Ellen Show

nll donates $50000

Ellen Degeneres makes a difference. She finds great people, showcases them on her show and rewards their efforts with support and awareness. Sometimes, others step in an lend a helping hand, and this week, that is just what the National Lacrosse League did:

That’s right, the NLL donated $50,000 to a school program in Compton, CA on Ellen. If you didn’t get emotional after seeing Jackie’s reaction, there might be something wrong with you.

It’s great to see a professional sports league step in and make a gift like this, and it’s even better that it’s a league like the NLL. While bigger sports leagues, like the NHL, are on hold, and squabbling over money (while ticket prices still soar), it’s refreshing to see a small pro league step in and make a difference.

A big tip of the hat goes out to the NLL, and all of the people involved, from the players to the coaches, to the refs, fans and owners… we salute you! Keep doing great things!

nll donates $50000