NLL Highlights And Lowlights From Week 1

joel mccready nll box lacrosse rochester knighthawks lax
McCready getting in on the action. It's a box game.

I love NLL lacrosse.  Enough that I’ll watch it on the internet since I never get any games on TV in NYC (someone please tell me this isn’t true).  The NLL has been ok in the past about uploading highlights considering the lack of TV coverage but this season they seem to be stepping up their game.  Good to see!

Billy Daye’s Lax School just uploaded a video showcasing the Boston Blazers’ Reebok gear for 2011 and got players’ reactions.  Naturally, there was a lot of talk about crosschecking and Reebok.  Seems like even the guys that aren’t Reebok guys like the equipment.  That’s always a good sign!  Also, is Casey Powell going to help out at Harvard this Spring or was he just rocking that hoodie because it looked so sweet?

The first thing that ran through my head after watching the Edmonton-Toronto highlights was this: is Disher, the Edmonton Rush goalie, serious with that helmet, facemask and throat guard combo?  What is this, 1997?  I like his conviction and the fact that he’s sticking with what he wants, but man… that seems a little dangerous.  That helmet has to be at least a decade old.  At least.

Edmonton got their highlight goals off of outside shots and individual efforts.  Toronto had crisp passing and some nice inside moves with finishes.  Guess who won.  Yeah, Toronto.

We showed you the Boston – Philly Highlights already.  Those were really good though!!  Casey Powell just tears it up and with Dawson initiating and Sanderson finishing, they’ll be very good.  All three are awesome, and totally unselfish.  This has got to be their year, if any year is going to be their year.

The Calgary Roughnecks (love the name, logo and colors of this squad) took on the Washington Stealth on Sunday night, after both teams had played Saturday, and this turned out to be a pretty good game.  I watched it online and both teams had some good runs.  I could see either of these teams doing well in the postseason in 2011.

Minnesota – Rochester was a good game that came down to the wire and there were spurts of absolute brilliance in the highlights.  Finding consistency will be key for both Rochester and Minnesota this year.  Minnesota’s uniforms are out of this world.  I usually don’t like white, navy and yellow but this effort is special.  Truly.  Bees!!!!!!

More highlights? Let’s see ’em!

In this game, there were fisticuffs.  I guess you could call these lowlights.  But only if the guys throw down dishonorably!  These guys went at it but kept it pretty clean.  No shots really after the refs stepped in.  That’s toughness and class.  Smith vs. Bonterre… phew, some haymakers thrown in that one!

And Suitor vs Hill results in a knock out pretty much.  I mean Hill goes down in this one, he doesn’t get knocked out.  But its similar.

I don’t really believe in fighting but it is part of the NLL game, much like it is part of hockey, for now.  We’ll talk about it until it isn’t.  Then I’ll talk about that.  Maybe them I’ll organize a “bring back fighting” campaign… the last one probably won’t happen.

Finally, we found a little home video of the Home Opener for the Washington Stealth.  Looks like a party!


  1. Now that’s my type of fighting. Clean, 1v1, helmets, gloves, and sticks off, nothing too dirty starts it, respectful fight, let the refs stop it when they want to, if someone goes down the fight’s over. I think there’s a place for that sort of fighting in professional indoor lacrosse. It’s a shame the crap that happened at that preseason game has tarnished the reputation of the NLL and the fighting that goes on in it.

  2. Watching Washington and Rabil lose to Calgary in the home opener was rough. Great turnout, though. Attendance was around 5,500 compared to about 3,000 for the first playoff game last year. Going to be a great season.

  3. Lots of lax choices all within 30 minutes of the B-more area. That leads to average size crowds at every venue unless UVA or Syracuse are in town. It’s hard for anyone to sell out in February since most high school kids are still wrestling and playing hoops. But you do make a good point. Thanks for the plug .