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NY Times: Michigan Club Team’s Transition to the Big Time

Michigan men's lacrosse
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Michigan men's lacrosse

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“My move, and I mean this sincerely, pales in comparison to the impact that [Michigan’s transition] will have on the future of lacrosse. When we look back 15 years from now, we will see this come to fruition.” – Bill Tierney 

Two articles were were published about the University of Michigan men’s lacrosse team in the New York Times this weekend. If you’re a college lacrosse fan interested in the future expansion of our sport, both are worth reading!

Michigan Club Team’s Transition to the Big Time

A detailed look at Michigan’s transition from the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association to NCAA Division 1, including insight on the process, Coach John Paul’s efforts behind the scenes and what this all means for the future of lacrosse.

– Where Michigan Goes in Lacrosse, Will Others Follow?

A discussion about the future growth of NCAA Division 1 lacrosse and the support needed for adding a new team. The focus is on Football Bowl Subdivision universities like Arizona State, BYU, Oregon and Texas, with an in-depth look at Texas, where plans for a $4-million club lacrosse facility were announced in November 2011.

Special thanks to Beth Hjelm for bringing these articles to our attention!

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