NYC Box Lacrosse: 8 Saves In Less Than A Minute

0 had a rough weekend on the box lacrosse floor in the New York City ULax league this past weekend. We only had 9 runners show up, and as a result, by the third period, most of the guys were gassed. LAS battled with the Gotham Goats through two periods and kept the game tied, but in the third period, the flood gates opened, and the Goats managed to get off a ton of shots, enough of which materialized into goals.

Whit Harrison was huge in net for LAS on the day, making a ton of great saves as we (his runners) hung him out to dry time and time again. LAS ended up losing 11-8, or something like that, and Whit easily had 30 saves in the game. Here are 8 of those saves, which occurred in under 2 minutes of actual game time.

Matt Witko had a huge game for the Goats, and while he struggled to put goals away early, in the end, Witko scored a bunch of markers to put GG ahead for good. In other league action, Brooklyn won its first game of the year, beating Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and coupled with the Goats win it creates the current standings:

1) Gotham Goats – 3-1
2) – 2-2
2) Bank of Tokyo – 2-2
4) Brooklyn Dodgers – 1-3

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