Ohio State 65-Yarder and Army Lacrosse Goal Of The Year

Army Navy Garrett Thul lacrosse

We had a good run going!  Unfortunately lacrosse didn’t make it back on to Sportscenter’s Top Plays this weekend. Somehow horseracing did, but lacrosse didn’t. I don’t mean to offend any die-hard horseracing fans who may be reading this, but how did we lose to horseracing? That should never, ever happen.

Okay, there are some instances where horse racing could make the Top Ten… like if the horse jumped over another horse to win the race, or if a horse ran around the track on two legs, or something like that… well then that’s just fine. I give credit where credit is due. But no, it was just some horse running around a track faster than some other horses could. That’s it. Unacceptable.

ESPN may have dropped the lacrosse ball this weekend in favor of the harness, but there were still a couple of lacrosse goals that deserved “Top Play” recognition.

Honorable Mention goes to Ohio State’s Joe Bonanni. Joe’s Buckeyes were playing the University of Michigan, and the Wolverines decided to force the issue early on with a 10-man ride. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton; let’s see if it pays off for them:

Looking for a way to beat a 10-man ride?  There you go!

With all due respect to the Buckeyes and their win over UMich, top play honors simply HAVE to go to Army’s Garrett Thul with this goal (which was his fifth of the day) against Navy.  If you missed this goal this weekend, prepare to be amazed:

Behind the back, triple coverage on the way and not even looking at the goal? Must be nice. The announcer said it’s one of the best goals you’ll see, but is it THE best? At the very least, Matt White and Chad Tutton are each sliding down a spot in the btb rankings. Before this weekend, everyone seemed to say the Zach Palmer goalwas the best they’d seen this year; did Garrett Thul just take Palmer’s belt?

Army Navy Garrett Thul lacrosse
Thul was a monster for Army all day long.

If you want to see more of Army, Navy and Garrett Thul in action, check out our Army – Navy Game Photos post!


  1. I don’t like this Behind the back compared to the others because he could have easily squared up to the goal and finished it. The others didn’t have this option. It is definitely nice, but not as nice, because all he had to do was drop step, finish tight, and get hit in the back after to play to get the penalty too.