Open Letter To FIL Members From Iroquois Nationals

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Olympic Lacrosse without the Iroquois? No thanks.

Gewas Schindler has written another open letter on, and it again has to do with the Iroquois being removed from the Blue Division at the 2014 FIL World Championships in Denver, CO.

The last letter was directed to the General Assembly of the FIL, and it can be read here. The letter laid out the events as the Iroquois saw them, and implored the General Assembly to reverse the ruling, which would allow the Nationals to play in the Blue Division, against the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, and Germany.

The new letter also describes the situation, but brings up the idea that the Iroquois’ story is being mischaracterized.

Here is a short excerpt from the tail end of the letter:

We are members of this great community of lacrosse, it is our duty to look after the games of lacrosse – review what we have created, and leave what is right for the next seven generations of lacrosse athletes and builders.  We have a lot of work left to do for the game of lacrosse and positioning the Iroquois Nationals out of the Blue Division is not what we want to leave as the legacy of the FIL membership.  Please reject the current FIL May 10th Postal Ballot and support the originators of our great game.  Done:toh.

To read the full letter by Gewas Schindler, the GM of the Nationals, head on over to