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Paul Rabil Documentary Vs. Connor Martin Interview + Evo3 Contest!

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Moody Street Productions in Waltham, MA (just outside Boston) has put together “Stick To It”, a 3-part documentary on Paul Rabil.  Episode 1 will air on Comcast SportsNet New England on July 16th.   This is a high production value, serious look at the man behind the 99.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have Connor Martin doing an interview, and while they add in a ton of clips and background info, it’s definitely a different, and much smaller budget approach, to exposing a star in a growing game to more people.  But it kind of mirrors the differences between Rabil and Martin, doesn’t it?

Rabil is sponsored by large companies, and is widely regarded as the top lacrosse player on the planet right now.  The videos he shoots with Maverik, IMG and now Moody Street Productions are all highly planned and professional.  Paul Rabil is a brand that corporations want to buy, not just kids.  Martin, on the other hand, is primarily homegrown.  He makes his own videos, or has friends who do it.  He makes his own music, or teams up with his brother.  He creates a silly clothing line and makes his own brand, because most companies aren’t buying his.

The two provide an extremely interesting split in lacrosse popularity, and styles, and the fact that both of them can be successful and make a living out of it speaks to the amorphous state that lacrosse currently enjoys as a profitable sport.  In the past, most guys have sort of done it on their own, like Martin does now, although they have been much more subdued.  But now we’re seeing guys like Rabil, Seibald, and Kyle Harrison, who all have a lot more corporate brand support behind them.  And it seems to be the way of the future.

But I’m curious, is it the wave of the NOW?  So watch both videos, then vote and decide who you find more compelling.  Feel free to tell us why you like who you like (and you can like both… or neither!) in the comments section as well.  You know what?  Best comment in this post wins a blue and white Evo3 from Warrior.  Because why not?  We love our readers, and want to gear you out as much as we can!  So vote, comment and have at it!

Is it the level of play, their athleticism, personality, rings, flow?   What does it for you?  Why do you like who you like?!?!?!  It’s an LAS case study.

Does your mom suck at making pancakes?  NO!

Paul Rabil Documentary Teaser

JonesCAM “ION Everything” HD cam used by Paul Rabil of the Boston Cannons MLL lacrosse team from JonesCAM Michael Jones on Vimeo.

Connor Martin Interview

Poll – have at it!

Comment in an awesome way and you could win an Evo3 from Warrior!

Warrior Evolution Evo3 lacrosse head

You could win the Blue One!

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