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Paul Rabil Documentary Vs. Connor Martin Interview + Evo3 Contest!

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Moody Street Productions in Waltham, MA (just outside Boston) has put together “Stick To It”, a 3-part documentary on Paul Rabil.  Episode 1 will air on Comcast SportsNet New England on July 16th.   This is a high production value, serious look at the man behind the 99.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have Connor Martin doing an interview, and while they add in a ton of clips and background info, it’s definitely a different, and much smaller budget approach, to exposing a star in a growing game to more people.  But it kind of mirrors the differences between Rabil and Martin, doesn’t it?

Rabil is sponsored by large companies, and is widely regarded as the top lacrosse player on the planet right now.  The videos he shoots with Maverik, IMG and now Moody Street Productions are all highly planned and professional.  Paul Rabil is a brand that corporations want to buy, not just kids.  Martin, on the other hand, is primarily homegrown.  He makes his own videos, or has friends who do it.  He makes his own music, or teams up with his brother.  He creates a silly clothing line and makes his own brand, because most companies aren’t buying his.

The two provide an extremely interesting split in lacrosse popularity, and styles, and the fact that both of them can be successful and make a living out of it speaks to the amorphous state that lacrosse currently enjoys as a profitable sport.  In the past, most guys have sort of done it on their own, like Martin does now, although they have been much more subdued.  But now we’re seeing guys like Rabil, Seibald, and Kyle Harrison, who all have a lot more corporate brand support behind them.  And it seems to be the way of the future.

But I’m curious, is it the wave of the NOW?  So watch both videos, then vote and decide who you find more compelling.  Feel free to tell us why you like who you like (and you can like both… or neither!) in the comments section as well.  You know what?  Best comment in this post wins a blue and white Evo3 from Warrior.  Because why not?  We love our readers, and want to gear you out as much as we can!  So vote, comment and have at it!

Is it the level of play, their athleticism, personality, rings, flow?   What does it for you?  Why do you like who you like?!?!?!  It’s an LAS case study.

Does your mom suck at making pancakes?  NO!

Paul Rabil Documentary Teaser

JonesCAM “ION Everything” HD cam used by Paul Rabil of the Boston Cannons MLL lacrosse team from JonesCAM Michael Jones on Vimeo.

Connor Martin Interview

Poll – have at it!

Comment in an awesome way and you could win an Evo3 from Warrior!

Warrior Evolution Evo3 lacrosse head

You could win the Blue One!

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Connor Wilson

Connor is the Publisher of He lives in Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time. He spends his spare time stringing sticks and watching Futurama.


  • The differences between these 2 players are numerous, yet neither takes a bad approach to their self promotion and also promotion of the brands they represent. 
    Paul Rabil is more reserved/professional (likely because of Coach Petro, and the brands he represents), but let’s face it, he probably has a ton of fun working with those brands than the commercials let on. He definitely has fun playing the game, why else would he dedicate so much time and effort to training and promoting (cue 412’s “Paul Rabil’s Moment of Zen” series). He is playing lacrosse after all! Paul Rabil is the guy you want with the ball in his crosse at the end of the game with the clock winding down, not only because he has proven to excel in those moments, but because he works hard to be prepared for those moments.
    Connor Martin, in regards to brands and advertising, takes an opposite approach in that his commercials are very inventive and off-the-wall. But I still believe, based off of the quality of product that is produced, that Connor puts a ton of thought into his brand promotions, and he most definitely has fun doing it. It is also evident by his play how much fun Connor Martin enjoys the sport of lacrosse.
    Different styles, both effective in their own way, both growing the game in their own way. 

  • I think one of the biggest differences between the two is that Connor Martin is more of a tv personality that is meant to draw attention. He is a great player and isn’t a joke, but he is does not display the same level of professionalism and seriousness as Paul Rabil. Rabil treats lacrosse as a job that he wants to be the best at, while it seems that Con Bro Chill loves lacrosse and plays it because he really likes It and he is actually good at it. I’m sure Rabil loves playing just as much as Connor Martin, I just think PR99 takes the game more seriously. Another thing to look at is the level of seriousness of the commercial. Connnor Martins video displayed more of a lax, no pun intended, lifestyle that was fun and relaxed while Rabil is more professional. I think overall Mr.PR99 is a better lacrosse icon and athlete and things will stay that way for some time.

  • Paul Rabil is lacrosse.  Paul Rabil is the man making lacrosse an actual sport.  From promoting the game to straight dominating it, Paul Rabil is and will make lacrosse respectable.  He shows the possibility of lacrosse becoming a main stream sport.  The only difference with his life and an NFL player is the 0’s at the end of his pay check.  He might not have those team practices, but you know he is working his butt of everyday. I always here lacrosse isn’t a sport and just wimps play it, look at Paul Rabil and say that.  Look at those intense videos Maverick is posting of them working out, i guarantee they can’t say anything to that.  

    On the other hand, Connor Martin is the image of anyone can make it if they dedicate their life to it.  Connor Martin wasn’t a big name all of his life.  Even after his college career, it wasn’t his play, but his self-marketing.  This is a kid from a club school in CALIFORNIA promoting himself the whole lacrosse world.  After watching come to my party and hereing other songs, you couldn’t help but smile.  But who knew that these videos would catch the respect and cult following of youth all across the lacrosse world.  I guarantee their are better players than Connor Martinw ho went undrafted for the MLL, but WHO CARES?  This guy is a reason for bringing fans and selling jerseys.  I would rather go see Connor Martin score one crazy goal and do a celebration then go to a MLL game and see some unheard of guy with no personality score 3.  Connor Martin is the whole Cali Bro lifestyle which kids look up to and inspires a whole different crowd of laxers.  Connor Martin goes to show that a good spirit and dedication to lacrosse, anything is possible.

    If I had the last say in which video I would broadcast to the world, I would show Paul Rabil.  I want lacrosse to be seen as what it really is, not some rich kids game that has sticks.  Connor Martin’s video would have no impact on the future of lacrosse, but keep a lazy “Chill” bro stereotype.  I love Connor Martin and what he is doing for the game, but Paul Rabil will make new people play lacrosse whereas Connor Martin appeals to the players who already play lacrosse.

  • Paul Rabil is all around the best player around but when you watch Connorsrton you see agility beyond anyone else. They both represent totally different forms of a lacrosse player, Connor with his conbrochill and Paul with is PR99 Army and blog. Personally I believe Connor lightens the mood of the game and makes it interesting to watch for new fans since lacrosse has been becoming massive all over the country. He also is one of few MLL players who came from a club lacrosse backround in college. It hasnt been easy for hom
    Since he trys to make a name for himself as opposed to Paul who was a standout at hopkins and has all of his sponserships. All around both great players.

  • martin  is the biggest bro of them all but rabil is the best laxer of them all
    they r both on different levels one trying to top the other
    get big or get loud
    the one that holds his head up high will be crowned
    now its up to u to decide which one is the best or the one with the hairy chest

  • I believer that both players are unique in the world of lacrosse. They are both amazing players and are dedicated to this amazing sport. They go on the field with 100% effort and step off it with 110%. However I’m more of a fan of Paul Rabil. I love his style in this sport and watching him play in the all-star game made me realize “hey I wanna grow up and be just as good as him” he makes this sport look so easy it comes natural to him on the field. Watching him play made me realize how good anyone can be, how good I can be if I put the amountnof effort he does or any lacrosse player does in general. Watching Paul Rabil opened my eyes to what I am capable of doing in the sport of lacrosse for that’s why my post is about Paul Rabil

  • One day there was a battle so great between the man that could shoot 111 mph and a great god of lacrosse named floseidon. The battle raged on till Earth was destroyed and they both did not stand for they where stopped by the lax gods and had to start a new generation of human lacrosse playing cyborgs. Called the con Bro Mavericks!

  • I vote Conor, but I don’t think it’s that good to compare them.

    They are way different.
    Both are v good athlets and both keeps on improving.

    I respect both ‘coz they play far better than I do.
    I like Rabil ‘coz he’s one of the fastest shooters (in fact – the fastest) on the globe – I’d like tobe able to shot like him and I keep on improving having that aim.
    I like Conor from that vid ‘coz he did a wall flip – I trained breakdance, acrobatics and parkour so  like that fancy staff like flips and dancing after the goal. :-)
    The thng that made me vote for Conor is he’s definitelly positiv crazy and it’s always for the better. As the quote from ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ says:

    -Have I gone mad?
    -I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

    The most important is they grow the game a lot, either one in is own way.
    However, I think Conor makes better cookies! ^^

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