Paul Rabil Documentary Vs. Connor Martin Interview + Evo3 Contest!

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Moody Street Productions in Waltham, MA (just outside Boston) has put together “Stick To It”, a 3-part documentary on Paul Rabil.  Episode 1 will air on Comcast SportsNet New England on July 16th.   This is a high production value, serious look at the man behind the 99.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have Connor Martin doing an interview, and while they add in a ton of clips and background info, it’s definitely a different, and much smaller budget approach, to exposing a star in a growing game to more people.  But it kind of mirrors the differences between Rabil and Martin, doesn’t it?

Rabil is sponsored by large companies, and is widely regarded as the top lacrosse player on the planet right now.  The videos he shoots with Maverik, IMG and now Moody Street Productions are all highly planned and professional.  Paul Rabil is a brand that corporations want to buy, not just kids.  Martin, on the other hand, is primarily homegrown.  He makes his own videos, or has friends who do it.  He makes his own music, or teams up with his brother.  He creates a silly clothing line and makes his own brand, because most companies aren’t buying his.

The two provide an extremely interesting split in lacrosse popularity, and styles, and the fact that both of them can be successful and make a living out of it speaks to the amorphous state that lacrosse currently enjoys as a profitable sport.  In the past, most guys have sort of done it on their own, like Martin does now, although they have been much more subdued.  But now we’re seeing guys like Rabil, Seibald, and Kyle Harrison, who all have a lot more corporate brand support behind them.  And it seems to be the way of the future.

But I’m curious, is it the wave of the NOW?  So watch both videos, then vote and decide who you find more compelling.  Feel free to tell us why you like who you like (and you can like both… or neither!) in the comments section as well.  You know what?  Best comment in this post wins a blue and white Evo3 from Warrior.  Because why not?  We love our readers, and want to gear you out as much as we can!  So vote, comment and have at it!

Is it the level of play, their athleticism, personality, rings, flow?   What does it for you?  Why do you like who you like?!?!?!  It’s an LAS case study.

Does your mom suck at making pancakes?  NO!

Paul Rabil Documentary Teaser

JonesCAM “ION Everything” HD cam used by Paul Rabil of the Boston Cannons MLL lacrosse team from JonesCAM Michael Jones on Vimeo.

Connor Martin Interview

Poll – have at it!

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  1. I vote Rabil. It might be the amazing flow or that shot over a car at the All-Star game… but i find Rabil more compelling. Not saying I dont like both- i love both. But I think its the flow that wins me over… gotta love a lax bro with awesome flow (:

  2. Paul Rabil (Pauly Rabes) for sure is better then con bro chill. Martin’s just way too silly, Rabil knows what he wants and has the drive to get it. Rabil also has something that Martin doesn’t – power. No offense to Martin, but Rabil makes him look like a little twig. Rabil’s a beast, end of story.

  3. Gotta go with Rabil because of his work ethic to get better even though he is the elite. He has become the face of the game and that player that everybody has their eyes on. From a grow the game perspective, Rabil wins that hands down with his sponsorship in major companies that only betters the game.

  4. I vote Paul Rabil because he is an ambassador of the sport. The big name companies that he’s sponsored by only help GROW THE GAME to the masses, helping to solidify lacrosse as a mainstream sport. Rabil is the face of lacrosse where as Martin is the face of a fad. Fads fade away but athletes like Rabil are instilled into the sport forever. Years from now people aren’t gonna remember con bro chill and his videos, but people will remember Rabil and all of his accomplishments on and off the field.

    • You nailed it.  ConBroChill is nothing but a fad.  Which is sad really, because Martin is a great player and has accomplished a lot considering the circumstances.
      To put it in basketball terms:  Martin is Rodman.  Rabil is Jordan.

      • Saying that Connor Martin is the Rodman of lacrosse is a little mean. The guy is far from a degenerate. If he was putting up 20 GBs a game with no points, I might take less of an exception.

        If anything, Connor Martin is Brandon Jennings. A guy who plays some serious ball with the best, and who didn’t take the traditional route to get there. He might have some questionable fashion choices, but overall scores goals and has a following. This was the perfect excuse to link to these Oakland Raider Jort overalls.

        I think Martin is a great player, and I’m stoked about what he’s done for the MCLA, and that’s why I’m posting this. I did still vote for Rabil though, mostly because of his lefty 2 pointer on the run a couple weeks ago.

    • hey i complely agree with what you said here. it unfortunate though because connor will most likely win because of his huge popularity from youtube, and a bunch of people that dont lax will probably vote for him.. but yeah both are great players, but rabil just sticks out so much more to me.

  5. Instead of choosing just one, I am going to compare both players, and show Rabil and Martin are completely different lacrosse players, but oh so alike. Martin is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind lacrosse player, who people just love to watch. People come to lacrosse games for the sole reason of watching him and his exuberant self, performing iconic, revolutionary moments. He is such a fun person, and because of that people might associate lacrosse with fun, thus growing the game. Then there is Rabil, who is just phenomenal. Rabil, unlike Martin, is someone that you want your kid to idolize. Rabil is focused. He knows what he wants, and he gets it. When you think of Rabil, you really think of a great, great athlete with the drive and propensity to get where he needs to go. When you think of Martin, you think of a fun-loving lacrosse player, who is “chill” and fun to be around. I think that Connor Martin represents the trademark “flow” side of lacrosse, while Rabil represents the work-hard aspect of lacrosse, and what happens when you stick with it. The question that you are asking is a it broad, but I think that this does a thorough job! 


    • Excuse me, accidentally posted the un-revised proof, disregard it please. Here is the revised edition!

      Instead of choosing just one, I am going to compare both players, and show how Rabil and Martin are completely different lacrosse players, but oh so alike. Martin is a vibrant, one-of-a-kind lacrosse player, who people just love to watch. People come to lacrosse games for the sole reason of watching him and his exuberant self, pump out iconic, revolutionary moments. He is such a fun person, and because of that, people might associate lacrosse with fun, thus growing the game. Then there is Rabil, who is just phenomenal. Rabil, unlike Martin, is someone that you want your kid to idolize. Rabil is focused. He knows what he wants, and he gets it. When you think of Rabil, you really think of a great, great athlete with the drive and propensity to get where he needs to go. When you think of Martin, you think of a fun-loving lacrosse player, who is “chill” and fun to be around. I think that Connor Martin represents the trademark “flow” side of lacrosse, while Rabil represents the work-hard aspect of lacrosse, and what happens when you stick with it. The question that you are asking is a it broad, but I think that this does a thorough job! 


  6. Paul Rabil may have more strength and is all around a great lacrosse player, but he doesn’t have the same passion and love for lacrosse as Connor Martin. I’m not saying Rabil doesn’t love lacrosse, thats just silly. Of course Rabil loves lacrosse, it’s just that Connor Martin is on a whole different level of loving lacrosse. Nothing will stop Connor from playing lacrosse, not even death. Connor will carry his stick to the grave and beyond. Therefore I am all for Connor Martin. Sorry Rabil, you are still one of my top 3 favorite lacrosse players.

  7. I voted Paul Rabil because he is a true professional in every sense of the word. He represents lacrosse in a respectful and humble manner, the way in which we all would like to see our sport represented. Not only is he a class act off the field, but he is arguably the best lacrosse player on the planet, and having someone like that as the face of lacrosse cant be a bad thing. While Connor Martin has a great sense of humor and I love his videos, those outside of our lacrosse community may misunderstand his antics. Rabils humble and professional approach to being the face of lacrosse represents lacrosse and its community the way it should be represented, and will only help to grow the game in the future.

  8. I have to say Rabil because he represents the concept of “professional athlete” better than anyone else in lacrosse history.  After a stellar career at one of the most prestigious lacrosse schools in the country, he proudly joined Major League Lacrosse.  He also signed with the hottest, fastest growing sports apparel companies in the world (Under Armour) and, in an outside-the-box move, he signed with the upstart Maverik Lacrosse.
    Under Armour has used Rabil for broad spectrum marketing, not just to
    cater to lacrosse players.  He appears in signage and advertisements in
    areas and publications otherwise devoid of lacrosse.  That is
    But it’s Maverik that made Rabil the centerpiece for their entire marketing campaign.  Every Maverik commercial seems to revolve around him, much like the way Nike’s commercials revolved around Jordan back in the 1980s.  Rabil is so vital to Maverik that he is able to cross-promote Under Armour and Red Bull in their ads.
    On the lacrosse side, Rabil has somehow continued to improve upon his college skill level in Major League Lacrosse.  Although the man holds the legitimate shot speed record and is known for his laser-like accuracy, he functions well as a team player.  He seems enthusiastic about playing for the Cannons and MLL as a whole.  From what I understand, he still happily signs autographs and chats with fans.  In the National Lacrosse League, Rabil is willing to do what needs to be done, even if that means playing defense all night.
    While I respect Martin’s accomplishments on the field, his antics off the field are simply unprofessional.  Yes they have done a lot to draw attention to him, but in a Chad Ochocinco kind of way.  Worse, his characters and behavior infect young laxers and fan the flames of the “lax bro” culture that inspires looks over work.  Even though Martin is a great player because of his hard work, most of these kids miss that part in favor of nailing the ConBroChill look and attitude.

  9. I am undecided, because  Paul Rabil is really sweet and technical, while Connor Martin is funny and witty. Paul Rabil is the greatest lacrosse player, but someone like Con Bro Chill would definitely show the fun in lacrosse .

  10. to add onto my last point, Rabil doesn’t seek the spotlight he’s in but embraces it and uses it to be an ambassador of the sport. While he strives to be a great player, he can see the bigger picture, and does all that he can to make sure that our great sport has grown in popularity and media coverage by the time he retires.

  11. I voted Paul Rabil because he is the icon that many lacrosse players look up to. Everything he does on and off the field shows the world why lacrosse is such a great sport. Rabil is the foundation to help grow the game of lacrosse all over the world. Paul knows what is good for the sport of lacrosse and pushes himself to show the love of the sport so that other people can enjoy what he is enjoying everyday of his life. 

  12. Conner Martin all the way, he is a very comical  guy who loves to have fun.  He brings an excitement to the game for kids everywhere.  Everyone has seen his videos and loves them.  He doesnt take himself to seriously and loves to have fun.  He is a great person who is truly growing the game!

  13. Who do you respect more?

    The prodigy, who went to one of the best colleges for lacrosse, athletic prowess second to none. Somebody not far from being able to wear a ring on every single finger.
    College, NLL, MLL, no matter where, Rabil shines. 
    He even is a Red Bull athlete!

    The other kid? A goofball, hardly anybody believed in. Just out there, having fun at a school, where lacrosse is light years away from getting a million-dollar facility solely dedicated to this beloved game of ours.
    And yet he is out there. Taking all the abuse from people, who don’t even know him, laugh at his attics and still puts up point after point.

    Usually, Rabil would be an easy pick. As many have mentioned before me, he carries himself as a professional and is as humble as they get.
    But then I thought: Where is the catch? Why would LAS put Martin against Rabil?
    And what impressed me most: Martin getting playing time in the NLL!
    The toughest lacrosse league out there outside of Canadian summer ball and he gets floor time!
    Disregarded by many as a marketing stunt, Martin has proven himself to a degree. He hasn’t become a start, but he is balling out there, out on the same floor as JGJ himself!

    That is who I respect most.

  14. kinda hard to choose both influence the pretty much two kinds of laxers the ones who want flow and flashy shit and the ones who play the sport like its suppose to. conbro is awesome but hes turning the game into the wronge direction with all this flow and useless things that has nothing to do with lax. Rabil shows more of a detication side that can influance a player to be better and try+play harder. gotta say rabs got my vote cause of rabil he semented his place in lax history and his ‘flow’ will never go outa style cause how can being the best not be good

  15. Paul Rabil. Rabil is known to be the #1 player in lacrosse. Every kids dream is to be like Rabil. He is sponsored by the best companies. You always here how Paul is going here to run a camp, you see his videos on youtube. He obviously wants to help kids and player become better. He works on his game all the time doing workouts, running drills, rippin the duck. Rabil has a serious side for lacrosse, but he has some videos with Lacrosse Mag on Youtube were he is joking around also. Plus you cant deny Rabils flow. He flys down field and his flow just flows.

  16. i have to vote for Rabil on this one. Paul is just the absolute greatest player and most dedicated player to ever pick up a stick. whats great about him is what he does outside of the game to get into the public eye and help support the game of lacrosse itself. lacrosse is probably the greatest sport ever and just hasn’t quite caught on enough like he said to be a full time commitment for most of the players. I have so much respect for connor, though, because he is an extremely talented player also and helps inspire a lot of kids to pick up the game. his earlier videos promoted lacrosse a bunch with warrior news, but his recent videos had much less to do with lacrosse. Rabil is still strong on lacrosse (not that connor isnt, its just that hes not quite as strong) and deserves all the recognition he has. i agree with sardok completely too with how paul will be remembered for all his accomplishment.

  17. Although Connor Martin is definitely contributing to the sport, I feel that Paul Rabil is pushing the limits of the sport and showing how lacrosse isn’t just a sport for those naysayers who say we play because we can’t play football. He is the real deal with his size, athleticism, and ability. He also has the mainstream backing to really help the sport rather than Connor who is really only substantiated through his youtube channel and small warrior affiliation. Rabil’s influence will last way beyond his years as a player and internet sensation and will be the reason an abundance of young athletes will choose lacrosse over baseball and give lacrosse the fan base it really needs and deserves.

  18. I voted for Con Bro Chill.   He is awesome.   He has overflow.   He is a great inspiration for me.   I just started playing Lax this yr.    He is someone I can totally relate to with his off the wall personality.  He brings a lot of fun and excitement to the game.   

  19. WOW those were great speeches to the lax world about hard work and dreams. Conner Martin proves by the lax experience he had early in his carrer can still bring amazing storys in the end and Rabil proves that even when ur at the top of ur game u still need to work harder and harder their is always some1 better. Both people are dedicated to the game but have different sides of seeing lax. Both domenate the game.

  20. Sorry Paul, but Con Bro Chill is cooler than Chipotle.
    Also, Connor Martin represents GROWING THE GAME more than Rabil.  Most kids won’t be recruited by D1 schools, so making the pros from a club team is a big thing for the lacrosse community.

    • As an MCLA player, I can’t agree more with this. Rabil is a phenomenal player, but the game won’t be grown by more baltimore/hopkins phenoms. A personality from Oregon playing club in SoCal and getting into the professional scene gives me so much more hope for the growth of the game than the awe of watching Rabil. I guess to me I just think ConBro can inspire more future Rabils than Rabil can.

  21. While both players have excellent flow, and have helped popularize the contemporary game, I would have to give the proverbial nod to Con Bro Chill.  Each worthy contestant had great videos, however, the difference was Con Bro Chill’s swagger–that left David Bowie powerless as to who the winner was.  Great flow can go a long way–and it did–for each contestant, but in the end, the inimitable swagger of Con Bro Chill helped propel him over the top, and he ultimately won over David Bowie, in his Ziggy Stardust attire, with his swagger, late in the video.  Twas a very close call, but the ultimate difference was Con Bro Chill’s swagger!

  22. I’ve always loved the free spirit of Connor Martin and the fact that he came from Chapman, since I’m an MCLA player myself, but I think that both types of characters are a necessity to the sport. Paul Rabil teaming up with the likes of Under Armour and Red Bull helps get lacrosse on the map and show the type of dedication and skill that is required to be a top athlete of the game. Connor Martin on the other hand is a great lacrosse personality off the field and quite the athlete when he’s geared up and playing. The kids (…and myself) can’t get enough of someone who can rip it at 111mph just like they want to go to conbro’s party.

  23. Connor Martin wins hands down. His wild antics and lax attitude draw in people which help grow the game. Also his journey of being a club player and now starting on two professional teams will inspire lax players to work hard and aim for the top. Paul Rabil is a good figure, i just think Connor is a better representative of the feelings of lax bro’s everywhere.

  24. Con Bro Chill all the way. Its not about how flashy he is or the stupid videos which I admit are absolutely ridiculous. But when it comes down to it I have alot of respect for someone that doesn’t need the endorsements, sponsorships, etc. to be able to express his feelings and quench that enormous thirst for life. I respect the hard work of Connor Martin aka Con Bro Chill. I think we all should. The MCLA lacrosse player turned MLL all star and internet sensation.

  25. PAUL RABIL. The ultimate ambassador for the game. Everyone knows his name. I believe he will be as famous as the Gait Brothers or Powell Brothers. He wants to give back to the community who has helped him so much throughout his high school and collegiate career. He wants to give back to the sport and I have the ultimate respect for it. He has the ability to grow the game with his endorsements and sponsorships and he chooses to do so. I have the ultimate respect for Paul Rabil Stick to it.

  26. Paul Rabil. Hes the one whos growing the game. Giving the CORRECT image of a lacrosse player. Not the ridiculous image that this “Con Bro Chill” gives to the lacrosse community. Paul Rabil is one of the reasons the game will grow in the future. 10 years from now when lacrosse is just as popular if not more than any other sports thank Rabil. Paul Rabil if you see this. Thank You.

  27. I vote Martin. I would change my mind though if Rabil came over to Europe for a couple of summer tournaments next year to grow the game. Kids love to see their heros up close and it would really boost their energy. So Red Bull: Please send him over and make it big so Lacrosse gets the exposure in Europe it deserves.

  28. Connor Martin adds the missing personality to the sport of lacrosse. Yes, Paul Rabil is the best player in the world, has big name companies on his side, but Con Bro Chill just adds the flare that it takes to get kids into it. It’s nice to have the serious side of it, but there also has to be another way to look at it, have some fun with it. Lacrosse is one of the most personalized sports out there, from gear, sticks, and clothing. Bright and flashy, or original and serious. There’s a lot of options out there to present your game, and he just adds another one to it.

  29. When u think of lacrosse, u think of Paul Rabil’s 111 mph shot and his domination in the sport. He also is growing the game by making videos that give u tips and drills for you to become a better player. Paul Rabil is very inspiring and every time he steps on the field you know something amazing will happen. He has changed the game forever! GTG

  30. Rabil speed is undeniable,
    Con Bro’s vid’s unjustifiable,
    Rabil leaves us screaming oh my,
    Con Bro’s keeps us watching oh yeah,
    to compare em would be like oh no, 
    but when it all comes down, the one youve got to keep with, 
    is the one who’s flow will leave you screaming for more…
    Welcome in Mr. Con Bro Chill

  31. I see a lot of choosing sides and why not vote for both? Martin and Rabil are both doing great things for the sport of lacrosse even though they go about it in completely different ways. Martin is a great ambassador for the younger demographic because he brings a fun and different vibe to lacrosse which gets kids excited to play. Martin has been great for the MCLA which is a excellent way for lacrosse to grow too, as much as people call it “club” lacrosse is lacrosse and it’s fun no matter what. Rabil is a great ambassador for lacrosse in a whole. He’s a great face for the MLL and able to use his corporate sponsorships to grow lacrosse. Either way both of these guys really love lacrosse and are exceptional athletes that are doing what they can to grow lacrosse in their own way and thats all that really matters in the end!

  32. I’m from Pacific North West so Connor is an inspiration of playing lacrosse and gaining success through it. But to do so one needs to work for it of course. Paul Rabil is a stud and has worked hard but also stems from the east coast. He represents someone who grew up and gained their awards in a place where the spotlight always shines. Its not impossible to come from the west and make a name. However its quite close to impossible getting hand outs or just being able to display ability to a recruiter. Martin represents what lacrosse should be, fun. He gives hope to the rest of the country not just Maryland New York, all the prep school kids, and the rest of the “east”. There are exceptions but that is common thought. Paul is spreading the game, but Connor represents what it truly is. The east coast from all the camps Ive done dis Connor. He and I didn’t live in a hot spot, didn’t have many opportunities, had to be significantly better than anyone else just to get a glance, and (i cannot say for him) but money was a big factor. How many D1 players are from the west? How many of them are prep kids? How many are just normal high school kids that had minor help? Im pretty sure Rabil worked hard but he did it in the spotlight. Try doing it when you have to travel to either California, Colorado, or the east then play in front of coaches who already have bias to players they know. Doesn’t matter if your good if no one knows you. But hats off to both they are both role models to work hard and play in college.

  33. Paul Rabil  he is a better player, and although he might not have con bro chill like Connor Martin he is better for the sport of lacrosse because he lets his play do the talking.  Although Connor is also a good player, I personally don’t care about the videos as much as the playing, and i find Paul’s play more compelling.  Even though non-laxers would probably vote for Connor cuz of his videos.

  34. Once upon a time there was a great sport called lacrosse.  The game had two great but totally different personalities. Paul Rabil who is the face of the game, the one who shoots 111 mph and the one who leaps over cars at the all-star game.  But there is also Connor Martin the funny one, the one everyone wanted to succeed because he came from the mcla, the one who’s videos are known all over the world.  Two great players with great styles and great games  but the winner goes to Connor Martin for his ability to make us laugh but play hard durring game time.

  35. Connor Martin all the way.  I’ll take self-made and fresh outlook over corporate any day.  I love Rabil, but come on–it’s easy to do well when corporate sponsors are tripping over themselves to trick you out.  It’s kinda like going to your favorite brew pub and finding out they sell Heinikein.  The bar is gonna do well but really? Heinikein??

  36.  Although both rabil and martin hav crispy flow and made lax bigger and better in some kind of way on the field and off I would hav to choose pauly rabil bc he’s effected the lax community greatly and bc of his inspiring work ethic PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE

  37. While I LOVE that Conner came from the MCLA (there is some real talent there) his videos are just annoying and I feel they put lacrosse in a bad light, and make it come across as a joke.
    Rabil is the complete opposite. He is like the normal pro athlete. He brings the look of pro to the sport.

  38. Connor Martin…here’s why:

    He give players, from all over the country, hope that it could happen to them. You don’t have to grow up in a traditional lax hotbed, or get a scholarship to play, you just have to want it bad enough to put in the work.

    Yes, his alter ego “Con Bro Chill” is incredibly over the top, but that’s just a side note to his professional career. He was able to work hard enough and smart enough while at Chapman to be drafted in 2 professional leagues.

    This is a great achievement for the MCLA and the growth of the game.

  39. connor martin has his own band, makes amazing vids, and is the first mcla alumni to score in the mll and overcame unsermountable odds to get into the mll.
    paul rabil a star at hopkins, was a big part of their ncaa title, has been the best in the mll for a few years and is currently the face of it and has the fastest shot in the world…

    these two are both amazing laxers in their own right and both have acomplished alot in their careers and both will acomplish alot more.

  40. Who would I rather hang out with? Con
    Who’s better for the sport?  Both are good, but Rabil is one player who can truly take lax to the next level.

    No player since Mikey Powell has had the influence on the game that Rabil does, but Rabil has shown that he has the love for the game by dedicating his life to the sport.  Rabil is extremely exciting to watch and plays balls out every game.  He represents the game very well (doesn’t rep ridiculous products and or wear warrior hound dog shoes).  The kids love Con and he is spreading the game, but Rabil is an athlete that everyone can take seriously as the face of lacrosse.  

    I’m going to have to go with Rabil as my favorite player and Con as my favorite personality 

  41. I think that both players and both videos are benefits to the game.

    Rabil is the coverboy for “Lacrosse for grownups and sponsors’ and he’s a polished package.  I am proud to be a part of the lacrosse community when I see his spot, and I’m squarely in the heart of the demographic that’s going to drive the game going forward.  However, anybody who’s ever driven a family knows that it’s all about the kids, and driving the growth of lacrosse is no different.

    Martin is the coverboy for ‘Lacrosse for kids’ and lets face it we grow the game by getting more kids to chose lacrosse as their game. Kids pick up lax because it is fun and there’s a lifestyle, a character, an identity that flows (sorry) through the game.  Martin exemplifies this as it is understood and interpreted by the younger players.

    I am confident that both voices are important, and so I voted for neither as I couldn’t vote for both.    

  42. I think both bring a lot to both sides of the game, but what Connor Martin brings has never been brought to the game before. A kid from Oregon, plays Club lax in SoCal and gets drafted to the MLL, makes an NLL team, and with just working hard, has found a place on 2 professional lacrosse teams. Oh, and he has a huge personality/alter ego who is very entertaining. I hate this “Flow” fad in the game right now, but Martin is a great lacrosse player and great ambassador to those non traditional areas. He is the “every kid” out there playing the game of lacrosse and having fun while doing it. He proves you can enjoy yourself and have fun, but also work hard and be a successful, professional lacrosse player.

    Rabil, as freak of an athelete as he is, and he is the best lacrosse player in the world, we’ve “seen” him before. He’s the first of a wave of freak atheletes to play lacrosse, but how many great lacrosse players come from Maryland & LI or the other hotbeds? We’ll see more Rabil’s in the future. Read what 412 just said today about the Rising Freshman at the Soph Blue Chip posts. Kids like that are coming to the game in the near future.

    We’ll see more kids from top MCLA schools get looks in the pro’s, as the MCLA gains more respect and due to the success of Martin. But when will see another Martin? The personality, creativity and entertaining qualities are unique.

  43. To compare these guys is too hard for any person they both are great players have great skills.Con bro chill leaves you laughing wanting for more, and paul leaves you speechless wanting for more. YOU CHOOSE PAUL RABIL OR CON BRO CHILL!!!!!!!!

  44. Im voting bro chill. It may be a bias choice since he plays for both pro lax teams here in Colorado but to say that some of the rabil votes were not, is just wrong. I do recognize that rabil is a great player. I just think that calling martin a fad or a poser is plain ignorance. So he is a little eccentric but he is a great player as well. And he will help grow the game much more than rabil. He has a whole other audience that knows nothing about lax. But as he intrigues them with his videos and music, it will cause them to look into all the things he does. Thus, turning people into lax fans. To grow the game requires growing public interest. And to have thousands of fans, outside the lax world, become interested in it, just because they like the other things he does, well I call that growing the public interest and growing the game.

  45. I have to go with Connor Martin for his joy of the game and creativity.  Rabil is a huge star, no doubt, but I thought the video looked too corporate and made him look like he takes himself too seriously.  Connor is inventing it as he goes along.  He is the first lacrosse player to take advantage of the web in an effective way.  The Rabil video had high production values but was really a snoozer, Con Bro Chill’s interview cracked me up, as always.  Both are great for the game and I am sure they will both help grow it.

  46. rabil and connor are two completely  different people. rabil is more of the serious run and gun type player who works hard both on and off the field involving his team, family and community. kids love to go to rabil camps because of all things he has done such as shoot 111 mph and become one of the MLL and NLLs top players. Rabil is also known more then connor because rabil played for hopkins one of the top schools in the country and him playing with other great lacorsse players such a harrison it helpped get rabils name out in the open.
    connor martin is more of a dedicated guy to a game who also knows how to chill back relax and have a good time. connor isnt as known as rabil becuase of the college he went to and because he only played club lacrosse. Connor became huge once he started releasing his youtube videos to go and give people some laughs and he also got big once he came to the MLL for his first game and scored a hat-trick (3 goals). with this being i would go with paul rabils documentary because it had a more serious convincing tone to it. I would also go with rabil because he is the face off the ga,e and hes really helping groww the game every where he goes because of all the sponsors and advertisements and i  really cant go against a guy whos done so much for this game and helped get it as big as it is now.

  47. I think one of the biggest differences between the two is that Connor Martin is more of a tv personality that is meant to draw attention. He is a great player and isn’t a joke, but he is does not display the same level of professionalism and seriousness as Paul Rabil. Rabil treats lacrosse as a job that he wants to be the best at, while it seems that Con Bro Chill loves lacrosse and plays it because he really likes It and he is actually good at it. I’m sure Rabil loves playing just as much as Connor Martin, I just think PR99 takes the game more seriously. Another thing to look at is the level of seriousness of the commercial. Connnor Martins video displayed more of a lax, no pun intended, lifestyle that was fun and relaxed while Rabil is more professional. I think overall Mr.PR99 is a better lacrosse icon and athlete and things will stay that way for some time.

  48. Paul Rabil is lacrosse.  Paul Rabil is the man making lacrosse an actual sport.  From promoting the game to straight dominating it, Paul Rabil is and will make lacrosse respectable.  He shows the possibility of lacrosse becoming a main stream sport.  The only difference with his life and an NFL player is the 0’s at the end of his pay check.  He might not have those team practices, but you know he is working his butt of everyday. I always here lacrosse isn’t a sport and just wimps play it, look at Paul Rabil and say that.  Look at those intense videos Maverick is posting of them working out, i guarantee they can’t say anything to that.  

    On the other hand, Connor Martin is the image of anyone can make it if they dedicate their life to it.  Connor Martin wasn’t a big name all of his life.  Even after his college career, it wasn’t his play, but his self-marketing.  This is a kid from a club school in CALIFORNIA promoting himself the whole lacrosse world.  After watching come to my party and hereing other songs, you couldn’t help but smile.  But who knew that these videos would catch the respect and cult following of youth all across the lacrosse world.  I guarantee their are better players than Connor Martinw ho went undrafted for the MLL, but WHO CARES?  This guy is a reason for bringing fans and selling jerseys.  I would rather go see Connor Martin score one crazy goal and do a celebration then go to a MLL game and see some unheard of guy with no personality score 3.  Connor Martin is the whole Cali Bro lifestyle which kids look up to and inspires a whole different crowd of laxers.  Connor Martin goes to show that a good spirit and dedication to lacrosse, anything is possible.

    If I had the last say in which video I would broadcast to the world, I would show Paul Rabil.  I want lacrosse to be seen as what it really is, not some rich kids game that has sticks.  Connor Martin’s video would have no impact on the future of lacrosse, but keep a lazy “Chill” bro stereotype.  I love Connor Martin and what he is doing for the game, but Paul Rabil will make new people play lacrosse whereas Connor Martin appeals to the players who already play lacrosse.

  49. Paul Rabil is all around the best player around but when you watch Connorsrton you see agility beyond anyone else. They both represent totally different forms of a lacrosse player, Connor with his conbrochill and Paul with is PR99 Army and blog. Personally I believe Connor lightens the mood of the game and makes it interesting to watch for new fans since lacrosse has been becoming massive all over the country. He also is one of few MLL players who came from a club lacrosse backround in college. It hasnt been easy for hom
    Since he trys to make a name for himself as opposed to Paul who was a standout at hopkins and has all of his sponserships. All around both great players.

  50. martin  is the biggest bro of them all but rabil is the best laxer of them all
    they r both on different levels one trying to top the other
    get big or get loud
    the one that holds his head up high will be crowned
    now its up to u to decide which one is the best or the one with the hairy chest

  51. I believer that both players are unique in the world of lacrosse. They are both amazing players and are dedicated to this amazing sport. They go on the field with 100% effort and step off it with 110%. However I’m more of a fan of Paul Rabil. I love his style in this sport and watching him play in the all-star game made me realize “hey I wanna grow up and be just as good as him” he makes this sport look so easy it comes natural to him on the field. Watching him play made me realize how good anyone can be, how good I can be if I put the amountnof effort he does or any lacrosse player does in general. Watching Paul Rabil opened my eyes to what I am capable of doing in the sport of lacrosse for that’s why my post is about Paul Rabil

  52. One day there was a battle so great between the man that could shoot 111 mph and a great god of lacrosse named floseidon. The battle raged on till Earth was destroyed and they both did not stand for they where stopped by the lax gods and had to start a new generation of human lacrosse playing cyborgs. Called the con Bro Mavericks!

  53. I vote Conor, but I don’t think it’s that good to compare them.

    They are way different.
    Both are v good athlets and both keeps on improving.

    I respect both ‘coz they play far better than I do.
    I like Rabil ‘coz he’s one of the fastest shooters (in fact – the fastest) on the globe – I’d like tobe able to shot like him and I keep on improving having that aim.
    I like Conor from that vid ‘coz he did a wall flip – I trained breakdance, acrobatics and parkour so  like that fancy staff like flips and dancing after the goal. :-)
    The thng that made me vote for Conor is he’s definitelly positiv crazy and it’s always for the better. As the quote from ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ says:

    -Have I gone mad?
    -I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

    The most important is they grow the game a lot, either one in is own way.
    However, I think Conor makes better cookies! ^^