Peter King comes up with a GREAT sports metaphor


From Peter King’s “Monday Morning QB”

1. Pittsburgh (13-4). Most anticipated championship games of this decade: 1. Indy-New England, 2006; 2. Pittsburgh-New England, 2004; 3. Giants-Green Bay, 2007; 4. Pittsburgh-Baltimore, 2008; 5. New England-Indy, 2003. Next week’s Steelers-Ravens matchup won’t have the shiniest records, but it will have more intensity than any of the other four championship games on the list– and that is saying something.

2. Baltimore (13-5). “We’re the team you don’t want to play right now,” says Ed Reed. Right now? When exactly, this season, has anyone wanted to play this rolling ball of butcher knives?

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“Rolling ball of butcher knives” might be the best metaphor I’ve ever heard for a physical, dominant, “kick your teeth in and insult your mama”-style team.  I can’t wait for the upcoming MCLA season so I can bust that one out:

“That Minnesota Duluth defense was a rolling ball of butcher knives out there tonight.”