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5 - Published December 14, 2010 by in Site News

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Colin Linngo from the Houston area in Texas. Colin is pictured here ripping a sweet backbreaker during indoor winter league. We don’t see any longsticks, so one might even call this box lacrosse!

backbreaker lacrosse houston box lacrosse

(Editor’s note: Colin – you just won yourself a Grow The Game t-shirt. Send us your address!)


An Honorable Mention goes out to Matt Schomburg of STX Hugh Firey down in Greensboro, NC for dressing up as lax Santa.  Thanks to Matt Ward for the correction!  Much appreciated!

matt schomburg stx lacrosse lax santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! FoGo Lessons for all!

Another Honorable Mention goes out to Jacob Seiler of Michigan. Here he is lowering the BOOM! during Summer ball.

jacob seiler hit lacrosse summer ball

Welcome to Boomtown.

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? If you see something, say something.

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