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This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Matt Stenovec, and it’s actually a set of 4! The photos were taken by Montana multimedia legend Will Moss. Here’s the note we got from Matt:

Seeing that old Montana vs Willamette photo inspired me to dig through my hard drive and find some from my glory days with Whitman. The four are a numbered sequence, showing how dirty/awesome both teams played.  The Whitman player is Chris Duncan, but I don’t know who the poor Montana kid is.

Whitman vs Montana lacrosse

Whitman vs Montana lacrosse

Whitman vs Montana lacrosse

Whitman vs Montana lacrosse

(Editor’s note: Matt – you just won yourself a Grow The Game t-shirt. Send us your address!)


The HM Award goes out Phil Hess. According to Phil, “the picture below is the result of a perfect hidden ball trick in district play of PA playoff lacrosse, the pole stretching across got completely lost after said trick, that’s him shooting from the far side of the pipes to try and get back in position… a little too late my friend.”

Phil Hess sick lax photo

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? If you see something, say something.

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