Photo Of The Week: Hawai’i AND A New Baby!

Hawaii lacrosse helmet jordan mcintosh mll Nationals
Jordan McIntosh reps LAS on the Nats dome!

The Photo of the Week is back! And it’s STILL sponsored by Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses! Every week one lucky winner gets a free pair of sweet sweet shades!

To win Photo Of The Week, you still have to send in a photo. But at this point, we’ve given out and sold more LAS gear than we originally thought possible, so a new PotW requirement is that the photo must have at least one piece of LAS gear in it to win. A player in an action shot could be wearing Woozle socks, or LAS shorts, or have an LAS or GTG sticker on their helmet. Candid shots with LAS gear are also great options!  Or maybe you have a great photo and someone happens to be wearing some LAS gear in the background… or an LAS sticker placed somewhere truly awesome.  WHO KNOWS! The key is to be creative!

Once you have your photo, email it to us at! Make sure to use “Photo Of The Week” in the subject line!

This week we actually have THREE Winners!  Two runner-ups from Hawaii (see below!) and our big time Winner of the week, Scott Demonte!  You can just see that GTG T-shirt peeking out, so it’s subtle but perfect!  Congrats Scott on the win, but more importantly, congrats on the new addition to the family!!!!  Wearing a GTG shirt to the hospital to welcome a new face into the world.  Perfect.

Scott Demonte GTG shirt photo of the week
And a Rhino hoodie to boot! Congrats Demonte clan!!!!

Email us to claim your prize, Scott!

Our two runners-up come from Hawaii, and they’re both legit laxers!  We’re hooking both of these guys up with Grow The Game laces for their kicks, or for their sticks!  Slap an LAS helmet sticker on the lid and get rewarded.  It’s pretty simple!

Hawaii grow the game mountain lacrosse pink helmet malcolm chase
Malcolm Chase with a GTG sticker in Hawaii!
Hawaii lacrosse helmet jordan mcintosh mll Nationals
Jordan McIntosh reps LAS on the Nats dome!

Malcolm and Jordan, send us your mailing addresses ( and we’ll make sure you get a set of GTG laces in the mail!