Photo Of The Week!


This week’s Photo of the Week comes from Josh Rottman, a UC Davis player whose mom is a photographer with some serious photoshopping skillz. If you love lax art you’ll dig these photos, so we’ll give you two for the price of one below. Check em out!

Josh and his mom just banked t-shirts from LAS. Will you win one next week?


Similar to last week’s PotW, there seems to be a conflict of interest here. The girl in the pic is the little sister of LAS co-founder Jeff Brunelle. And to make matters worse (read: funnier), she didn’t just enjoy Halloween by dressing up as your normal lax bro. No, she took it a step further and dressed as him!

Woozle pinnie, shorts, tattoo and all. Yikes.

Got the perfect pic for next week’s Photo Of The Week? If you see something, say something.