CP22’s MAMMOTH Return

Casey Powell has nine points in NLL return to Colorado Mammoth

Lacrosse living legend Casey Powell made his return to the NLL last weekend, and a Mammoth return it was. Pun fully intended.

Have you ever seen someone who is 37 years old do work like that? Probably not playing pro sports I’m guessing… unless you’re John Taveres.

Nine points in his first National Lacrosse League game of 2014. Three goals, six assists. I’ll say it again: MAMMOTH return for CP22. Casey led the entire floor in points, he wasted no time shaking the rust off by securing a hat trick in the first half alone. 10 for 14 shots on goal is pretty darn good too, for your first game back. Should we have even doubted the great one? Probably not!

We are so glad to see Casey back in action, his skills and experience are unparalleled. Sure he took a few games off, but he strapped up ready to ball. CP22’s return helped Colorado get their second win in a row, this time at home 14-12.

I’m sure after that Superbowl performance, Denver needed a new hero.

Casey Powell has nine points in NLL return to Colorado Mammoth

Photo via @MammothLax

If you missed the game make sure to catch the replay on The Lacrosse Network!

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