Photos: BYU Lacrosse Tryouts


Victoria Baines Harris, a professional photographer out of Provo, Utah, caught these great shots at Day 2 of BYU‘s tryouts this week. The final team roster will be announced Friday. For the full gallery at Victoria’s site, click here or on the link below.


News from BYU’s website:

On a unseasonably cold morning Monday, 59 Cougar hopefuls took the field for the first day of BYU Lacrosse tryouts.  The tryouts, which are scheduled to last through the end of this week, will test everything from condition and lacrosse skills, to heart and attitude.

For the first morning each player was required to perform the Cougar Conditioning Test. This benchmarking test was developed by the Cougar coaching staff to test each players conditioning, relative to lacrosse, after the long summer layoff.  While many of the player came back in sufficient shape, there was a sizable group of those trying out did not pass the test. Those who didn’t pass will be required to arrive at tryouts and practice early to rerun the test until they pass.

“We don’t want it to be viewed as a punishment,” said Assistant Coach Jordan Harris. “It’s very plain and simple. This test is the minimum level of conditioning each player has to be at in order to compete and excel at the collegiate level. If they are not at that level, we will help them get there. Even if that means running at 5:45 every morning.”

“The team worked hard this morning,” said Head Coach Matt Schneck. “We knew heading into this morning’s conditioning test that it would challenge for everyone.  We are excited to introduce this new expectation and standard to BYU Lacrosse.”

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