Play Fantasy NLL Against Us!

Rochester Knighthawks vs. Buffalo Bandits Stephen Keogh NLL Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

The NLL season is nearly upon us and the LAS staff couldn’t be more thrilled – so much so that we are doing our own little Fantasy NLL league. Fantasy lacrosse has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few seasons and is continuing to grow. Last season, there were over 3,400 participants for’s fantasy league, and this year there should at least 3,404! We’re all in.

New Stuff has revamped their user interface for fantasy lacrosse. Each player’s individual’s stat line will show the previous week rather than the player’s full season stats. You will also be able to view the player’s stats from week to week, to see which players are struggling or starting to light it up.

More statistics have been added for users to view when selecting their fantasy players. These stats can be filtered by week, month, or season. These new additions give user the ability to dive deeper into fantasy stats. This will allow the user to set their best lineup possible. Good luck against us, you’ll need it!

Another new feature has added to their Fantasy Lacrosse is half dollar values. Last season, fantasy players were assigned rounded number values. This season, the half dollar value has been added to make lineup selection more flexible and functional.

The best part of fantasy, aside from the stats, is the prizes that can be won. Real-life prizes will be awarded at the end of each week to the team that scores the highest fantasy score. There will also be a prize for the user who finishes the season on top of the fantasy rankings.

The Skinny

Some of the staff members are starting their own Fantasy NLL league – We hope that you will do the same. It should be fun, and is another to stay invested in the league, and we are hopeful that you will take part as well.

Each week LAS will seek out advice from other fantasy players via our Google+ page. Tell us who you think is a sleeper or is due to have a big game or what the perfect lineup for the week is. We will mention and show which members from the Google+ community had great fantasy advice.

Join Us

Can you build a better fantasy roster than Connor Wilson, Mark Powers, Chris Rosenthall, Mark Donahue or Ryan Connors? Can you beat all five of them? It’s time to prove it!

Comment below if you are interested in joining a separate league. We can get one started involving members of our community if enough interest is drawn.

This is a good way for everyone to stay involved and help grow the sport of lacrosse.

All bets are on!