Beach lacrosse new jersey

Possible LaxAllStars Beach Lacrosse Team?

17 - Published March 23, 2011 by in Club

That’s right LAS readers, is trying to field a team at this year’s Beach Lacrosse Tourney in beautfil New Jersey. We’re still in the process of getting a full team together (editor’s note: Jimmy Ciccone is heading up the effort!) but we still need to figure out a name.

Beach lacrosse new jersey

LAS will be looking good. you know this, man.

So we’re wondering what our readers think!  Help us pick a name for our team, and supply your recommended colors, logo etc.  If we like it enough we just may use it, but please make sure it’s appropriate!

Thanks for reading guys and please sound off with your ideas in the comments section.


If you’re interested in playing in this tourney check out Jimmy’s first post on Beach Lacrosse and email us at!


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