Press Coverage of Lacrosse All Stars

Press Coverage of Lacrosse All Stars

We try to chronicle any press coverage our company receives below, but sometimes we miss things. Feel free to contact us if you see a mention of Lacrosse All Stars somewhere!

Recent Press & Other Mentions

2/10/2014 – Connor Wilson featured in “Friday Faces” by Nexus Lacrosse.

2/4/2014 – The National Lacrosse League helps promote NLL Live, a Lacrosse All Stars & TLN join production.

2/4/2014 – Umass men’s lacrosse season preview featured on

1/31/2013 – features story about Neal Powless bringing back pro lacrosse to Syracuse, featuring a team sponsored by Lacrosse All Stars.

10/17/2012 – LAS Writer Barry Marenburg cited in’s article, Warrior Sports Receives Injunction in UA Lawsuit.

10/16/2012 – Jeff Brunelle, Krieg Shaw and the Grow The Game Tour featured in this Missoula Elite 100 video.

9/6/2012 – features an interview with Jeff Brunelle about the upcoming Grow The Game Tour.

3/1/2012 – Payu Nerngchamnong, President Thailand Lacrosse Association & LAS Blogger, is featured in the March Issue of Prestige Magazine.

2/28/2012 – Lacrosse All Stars Game Grower t-shirts are featured in the March Issue of Lacrosse Magazine.

2/21/2012 –, an SB Nation sports blog focused on the Syracuse Orange, mentions Ryan Powell’s interview with Sean Lindsay.

2/21/2012 – features Ryan Powell’s interview with Sean Lindsay on its homepage.

2/20/2012 – Maverik Lacrosse Marketing Director Michael Chepucavage credits Lacrosse All Stars for “pushing the message of growing the game” in a article about the company’s new commercial, “The Future Is Here”.

2/18/2012 – features our Industry Scoop article on its homepage.

2/17/2012 – features Vinne Ricasio’s “Team Captain” article on its homepage.

2/3/2012 – features our Fireside Chat interview with former Syracuse goalie John Galloway on its homepage.

1/31/2012 – The January issue of Lacrosse Magazine features Jonny Namur, mentions

1/29/2012 – The Growth Blog mentions recent articles by Lacrosse All Stars and MCLA Fan

1/28/2012 – CNBC Sports Biz reporter Darren Rovell mentions @LaxAllStars, Nike Lacrosse on Twitter and shares photo.

1/27/2012 – features recent LAS article in “Is the ‘lax bro’ culture keeping gays out of lacrosse?”

1/27/2012 – Sanford L. Smith & Associates mentions our recent coverage of the NYC Outsider Art Fair

1/27/2012 – Rhino Lacrosse highlights Krieg Shaw’s Summer 2011 Rhino Content Series

1/24/2012 – Major League Lacrosse notes @Con_Bro_Chill’s GTG support in the “MLL’s Must Follow On Twitter List”

1/23/2012 – Rhino Lacrosse drops LAS a shout out for recent coverage of the Rhino Rippers

1/17/2012 – Impact Wrestling mentions’s interview with Pro Westler Taz

1/11/2012 – Mentioned in University of Denver Team Camp Newsletter

12/15/2011 – In Lax We Trust mentions an LAS article about Richie Meade, Head Coach of Team USA

11/28/2011 – Connor Wilson mentioned by Under The Bucket regarding “Practice Fights”

11/8/2011 – Farkas Eye Black gives LAS a shoutout for our Mythbuster piece

10/12/2011 – @LaxAllStars mentioned by Under The Bucket as a “Best Lax Personality” on Twitter

8/24/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse gives a shout out to Krieg Shaw for his Summer Tour Recap

7/19/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse unveils coverage of the Rhino Summer Academies

3/10/2011 – Rhino Lacrosse announces Ryan Powell’s new blog post on

2/1/2011 – Lacrosse Magazine features Lax All Stars Apollo Shorts in it’s February Issue.

1/9/2011 –, an SBNation Blog, plugs Connor Wilson and

10/27/2009 – LAS Co-Founder Jeff Brunelle selected as Featured Young Professional by TSBX