Pro Lacrosse Players On Twitter



Whether you want to be a professional lacrosse player someday, you wish you were one now or you’re just a big fan, Twitter is the perfect place to get a behind the scenes look at life as a pro.

Over the past few months we have been engaging with pros on Twitter quite a bit, connecting with them to conduct interviews or getting their thoughts on one of our ideas. Lucky for us, many of the guys we’ve talked to have been more than willing to work with us. Given that most pro athletes are difficult to get in touch with, it’s been refreshing to have such access with pro laxers – they clearly are excited about their role in the sport and eager to help it grow.  In fact, we’d would go as far to say that Pro Lacrosse Players are the most accessible professional athletes in organized sports.

Below are all the pros we’ve been following on Twitter. Hey, if you can’t live the life you might as well live through ’em. Naw, really, they’re good guys and it’s always fun to listen in and get their perspective on things. After all, they are the pros and they’re leading the growth of the sport we all love.

Check it:

Kyle Harrison, Denver Outlaws  –

Joe Cinosky, Toronto Nationals  –

Paul Rabil, Boston Cannons  –

Matt Ward  –


Ryan Powell  –

Chazz Woodson, Chicago Machine  –

Julian Watts, Long Island Lizards –

Scott Hochstadt  –

Max Seibald, Denver Outlaws  –

Sean Lindsay, Long Island Lizards –

Kip Turner,  Boston Cannons  –

Justin Smith, Boston Cannons  –

Stephen Berger, Long Island Lizards  –

Jimmy Borell, Denver Outlaws  –

Joe Walters, Toronto Nationals  –

Max Ritz, Denver Outlaws  –

Xander Ritz  –


Zach Greer, Long Island Lizards  –

Steve Panarelli, Long Island Lizards  –

Casey Connor, Washington Bayhawks  –

Matt Messina, Boston Cannons  –

Rocco Romero, Denver Outlaws  –


Chris Eck, Boston Cannons  –

Scott Kahoe, Boston Blazers (NLL)  –

Kenny Nims, Chicago Machine  –

Dan Hardy, Denver Outlaws  –

Did we miss any? Let us know!


Lacrosse All Stars –

Tweet, Tweet Lax. Stay tuned for more. And in the meantime feel free to hit us up on Twitter too.