Rainbow Marble Sherbet

I want Froot Loops now.
I want Froot Loops now.

Dyemaster extraordinaire, Michael Gialanella, sent over some pictures of his most recent work and we’re excited to show it off!

He was up in Brooklyn for a wedding recently so he and Connor met up for a couple of mid-day beers.  Obviously, their discussion devolved to dyeing lacrosse sticks.  They traded some tips and even brainstormed for Mike’s next project, and now he’s made good on the threat and produced something special on an STX spoon that mixes a number of techniques. It looks as good as a rainbow head can look!

Check out Mike’s explanation:

So here is the weekend project completed. The idea (provided by Mr. Wilson) was fade light color to dark (I went lemon yellow, scarlet red, kelly green, royal blue, purple) letting some of each color show while marbling it at each phase. I prefer to clean off the webbing and add a fresh coat for every color. It makes it more interesting with the blends of color versus what I’ve seen others do by keeping it purely 2-however many colors.

My only issue is that I didn’t fade it high enough. The next one might be on a diagonal or do a few colors on the top and different ones on the bottom to mix it up. If I do the same same thing I’ll go top to bottom so there is more marbley goodness. I’m sure the mesh will get some negative feedback, but whatever. I’ll probably dye the mesh different colors on the next one I do, just not a rainbow.