Reader Poll: Fastest Growing State for HS Lacrosse


This week’s Reader Poll is all about growth – more specifically high school growth! Obviously we are all about the growth of the game and as several of our staffers are heavily involved at the high school level, we knew this would make the perfect poll.

Summer is the one time that we truly get to see the full growth of lacrosse. Kids from around the country are traveling with their teams and even individually to attending camps, recruiting events, and everything lacrosse. Whether they’re from Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, or New York, Maryland, and Virginia, they all have one thing in mind – getting better!

With that, this week’s Reader Poll asks, which of the following states is the fastest growing state for high school lacrosse?

Reader Poll: Growth Reader Poll: Growth


  1. I would say Cali…. but Washington is definitely up there! The states seen a HUGE boom in HS lax these last few years. Seattle Starz have gone back east and won a couple tourneys over these past few weeks… South Sound Starz (Tacoma, WA) saw some success this past winter. Bellevue & M.I. are constantly ranked top 5 in the HS West rankings, and there are quite of few players committed D.I next year!

  2. Growth is crazy here in California all up and down the State. My kids play on a club team and we’re running out of opponents that we can play against because a lot of programs are being adopted by the schools (“going CIF” for entering into the California Interscholastic Federation) and clubs and school teams aren’t allowed to play each other.
    With this growth, hopefully more California kids are getting noticed and recruited for NCAA programs.

  3. I am part of the Minnesota lacrosse boom. I play for roseville highschool. A former power house which has been over run by the sheer number of competitors. With more and more new teams every year Minnesota has a rising level of competition that can only be rivaled by cali and the east coast powerhouses.

  4. Um.. Just curious why this is a poll. Isn’t there growth data out there to tell this info? It’s kinda like asking: what’s the best selling car in the US?.. There’s data. You either are or you aren’t. Why is this a matter of opinion? BTW: I’m from Ohio, so I voted for Ohio.

  5. With huge growth in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, I’m hoping Idaho can follow the trends and make a name for itself. There’s tons of amazing talent here and it’s only a matter of time before the state gets noticed.

  6. Don’t leave us poor nevadans out in the rain in Reno and Vegas lacrosse is growing faster than California. Their growth is just a bit ahead of ours that’s all. A new generation with more experience and lax iq is taking over and going to show California why Nevada should be their biggest fear