Reader Poll: Which brand makes the best lacrosse heads?


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We want to know which of these equipment brands you think makes the best lacrosse heads. Cast your vote below!

Top Lacrosse Head Brands

Reader Poll: Best Lacrosse Equipment

What’s the best lacrosse head you’ve ever used? Why did you like it so much?
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  1. I actually like my STX Profile head, even though it’s kind of a beginner’s head. It had the right amount of pinch and stiffness that I was looking for. 

    Since the profile is an NFHS only head, and I am in college, I am currently using a Warrior Vice X head (with a traditional pocket). Not sure how I’m liking that. I kind of want to try out the STX Professor/Surgeon10 or the Nike CEO. I’ve also heard the Super Power and the Clutch 2X are good.