Reader’s Choice: Adrenaline Performance Of The Week + Last Week’s Winners!

Steele Stanwick running the show. Virginia Cavalier Lacrosse
Steele Stanwick running the show.

It’s Baaa-aaaaaaack!!!!   Think back about all the performances you witnessed over the weekend – a team winning a big game, an individual player having a HUGE day, or a coach winning an historic game – and nominate them in the comments section as your Adrenaline Performance Of The Week. Make sure to tell us WHY you picked them! It can be a HS, college or even Pro player, team or coach.  Or even a mascot!  If they do something great!

The LAS Reader with the winning comment (and the all important LAS seal of approval!) gets a free pair of GREY Adrenaline Rasta Socks that you can’t buy in stores. You have to know people to get these… and you know us!

Here’s an example of what a nomination might look like:

I’m nominating Steele Stanwick of Virginia for scoring the last two goals for UVA against Bucknell to take the game to OT and then drawing the double and assisting the game winner.  Stanwick was relatively quiet all day, but AWESOME all day (going 3g, 5a) and when the Wahoos needed him most, Steele delivered!  That’s called clutch!

Steele Stanwick running the show. Virginia Cavalier Lacrosse
Steele Stanwick running the show.


IMPORTANT: The comment with the most likes, replies (and that gets the all-important LAS stamp of approval!) will be declared the winner! This is a weekly recurring series here at LAS, so this won’t be your last chance to win free custom socks from Adrenaline!  Now, nominate away!

Adrenaline grey rasta socks
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And the WINNER(s) are…



Last week’s winner is a double trouble situation.  Josh Acut won for his nomination of the entire 361Lax Men’s Team.  AND, NELax won, for his nomination of Hartford head coach, Peter Lawrence!  Big things, great nominations and two winners.  It’s how we do!




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  1. While I would have like to nominated Steele for both his stats (3 goals 5 assists) and his constant leadership, I will not because he is used as the example above and because this performance is merely what he does and the reason he is a Tewaaraton finalist.  Instead I will nominate his teammate, Chris Bocklet, who finished many of Steele’s assists.  Bocklet had 5 goals, including a few very nice ones, such as his turn around spin shot from the crease, as well as some key ones down the stretch.  While Steele continued to be Steele, Bocklet really stepped up and played the game to his best ability, as this is only his second game all season with 5 or more goals, and his first with more than 3 goals since the February 28th VMI game.

  2.  I would like to nominate Brian Farrell #37 for his hidden ball trick with Grant Catalino #1 against UNC not only tricking all of the players, but tricking the cameras, and most of the fans on the field. This I believe is the adrenaline play of the week for it’s great execution.

  3.  I have to nominate the Johns Hopkins offense as they battled back from a three goal deficit against the number one defense in the nation in Hofstra and scored 12 goals total. They had 6 different players score and were extremely impressive as they were unselfish and absolutely ruthless. They picked up a lot of confidence heading into the second round and single-handedly turned the tide of a potential upset. 

  4. I would like to nominate the Villanova Wildcats on a truely remarkable season, especially noting the preformances of Brian Karalunas and Coach Corrado.  Coach Corrado took over a 5-10 program a few years back and has turned them into a team that competed with the top in the country turning their home game against Syracuse into one of if not the most highly attended event at the university outside of basketball games.  A large portion of this turn around by Coach Corrado was done while he was a full time teacher and part time coach.  Brian Karalunas has turned into one of the premier take away defenders in the country.  One of the most outstanding and dominant preformances I have ever seen came in their game vs. Syracuse where he recorded an unprecidented 6 Caused turnovers against some of the best offensive players in the country.  If Villanova continues to improve at this rate, don’t be surprised to see them on Memorial day weekend in the near future.

  5. I’m nominating Sam Jakimo of Amherst College. Coming off the Lord Jeffs’ first NCAA win against Keene State, Jakimo registered an unbelievable (and career high) 25 saves in their NCAA second round victory over Middlebury. Amherst managed a 12-9 victory in spite of being out shot 59-39 and the credit there belongs to Jakimo. Put it this way: If Jakimo makes 21 saves, still a ridiculously high number of saves, the Jeffs lose. Nobody in any of the NCAA tournament games this weekend in either DI or DIII meant as much as Jakimo did to his team.

  6. My nomination goes out to the Bucknelll Bison on having a fantastic season. Finishing their greatest season ever at 14-3. The senior class accumulated the most wins ever at Bucknell with 41. This team went to show that the Patriot League can still compete with the best that the NCAA has to offer. They showed heart and courage during the heartbreaking overtime loss to Virginia on Sunday during which the Bison lead for the majority of the game. Charlie Streep and Todd Heritage both had hat tricks during the loss. The Bison as a whole went undefeated in the Patriot League, and defeated a Colgate team whom defeated Maryland the following week. Most will argue that a few quality wins isn’t enough to put the Patriot League back on the map, but I think the Bison are here to stay, and they certainly proved that this season. Once again congrats to Bucknell on a fantastic season and they deserve the performance of the week even with a loss.

  7.  I would like to nominate Collin Igoe for his outstanding performance against Pennsylvania in the Notre Dame v. Pennsylvania game. Igoe was held accountable for 4 points-3 goals, with an assist. In one of Notre Dame’s best game of the season, Igoe performed better than any other offensive player on the Irish. 

  8.  “I’m nominating Steele Stanwick of Virginia for scoring the last two goals for UVA against Bucknell to take the game to OT and then drawing the double and assisting the game winner.  Stanwick was relatively quiet all day, but when the Wahoos needed him most, Steele delivered!  That’s called clutch!”

    “relatively quiet all day” ?!?!  He did go 3,5!  He hasn’t put up 8 points this year since he went 3,5 against Mt. St. Mary’s earlier in the season.  He may not have stood out a ton because he doesn’t hold on to the ball for too long, or really stand out as flashy, or that you don’t always notice the person who assisted the goal.  He makes it look easy.  No question that his individual performance was the most impressive of the first round.

  9. My nomination goes out to Chris Bocklet, #10 of virginia. He had 5 goals against their win over bucknell. He helped Virginia stay in and win the game against Bucknell. Steele Stanwick still did work, but Chris Bocklet should get the win for this one. This may have been one of his best games this season, he got to do more now that everyone is not expecting the brothers to do everything. Chris stepped up when it counted the most for his team.