Recap of the Southern Shootout and then some


Editors Note: Corey Janoff, #5 senior middie and captain for the USC Trojans, will be giving you updates on his season down in SoCal.  Lets see what’s going on down with the Men of Troy this week:

So we didn’t fare as well as we would have liked at the Southern Shootout at FSU.  Due to injuries and illnesses, we ended up only bringing 19 guys (including two goalies) on the trip.

Add  to that a hectic travel schedule (red eye flight to Jacksonville, layover in Atlanta, two and a half hour drive to Tallahassee) and it was tough to step up to the plate for our game verse Georga shortly after we arrived.


We lost to the ‘Dawgs by 9 I think.  Luckily our game the following day vs Texas A&M was in the evening so we could rest up and recover a bit.  The rest definitely helped.  We ended up losing by one in a really competitive game.

The first half involved a bomb threat where we had to evacuate the field and the game was suspended for 45 minutes.  In the second half, A&M got up by 3. We came back and had multiple opportunities to score at the end to tie it up, but just couldn’t put one in the net.  That was a heartbreaker.


The following morning we played FSU, who is legit. They’re going to go far in the tournament this year.  Their 48 man roster dwarfed our 19 man travel roster. They just ran us into the ground and we lost by 9. I did like FSU’s campus, though.  Tallahassee is a cool college town.  Hot girls.  Nice strip of bars. They have a lot of space on campus.  A nice football and baseball stadium.  Their own turf lacrosse field, complete with bleachers and a sound system, named after their coach. They also have an FSU circus on campus.  They’re the first college that I’m aware of that has a circus.  Anyways, back to lax.


We haven’t had the hottest start to the season.  We’ve had a lot of injuries and played a number of top 25 teams early on.  But I think it’s good for us. We’ve faced a lot of stiff competition early on and (hopefully) it has prepared us for the rest of our schedule.

We’ve got a double header this weekend vs Claremont and USD.  Both tough teams.  These are our last couple games before spring break, in which we can all rest and get healthy.  As far as I’m aware, nobody on our team is going to Mexico, so we should expect everyone to come back alive from break.

I’ll be back on the blog roll soon.

Take it easy.

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