Rhino Lacrosse Academy, Bend Day 4

0 - Published August 1, 2012 by in General, High School, Training, Youth

The last day in the beautiful city of Bend is upon us. I think we can all say that we are sad to see it go. The kids of Bend and Oregon in general have been killing it on the field the past few days and the last day shouldn’t be any different. I unfortunately did not get to attend for very long (due to traveling to the next lax event) but my fellow coaches sent me plenty of updates and pictures of the days happenings.

Such a pretty area. What an awesome place to play some lax.

Last day of the Bend Campers doing the B22 drills and Coach G wanted to make sure that intensity was high and that this was going to be a challenge. He was throwing rolls, new stick flips, and footwork drills at these campers and they ate it up.

Get ready kids, the bar has been set high for today!!!

Coach G demonstrating yet another difficult maneuver.

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