Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Bend, Day 3


Bend, Day 3… No humpday problems here! Coaches came ready to push the campers even further after seeing some of the talent they had to offer in a pick-up game last night, which was held at Summit High School in Bend. (Thanks for the invite by the way, it was great to play and see the growth of the game first-hand!)

Coach Fritts!

We got the youngsters moving from the start and pushed them hard through morning drills. Then we got them into some more fun stuff before the end of their session and scrimmages. First and foremost, we had to see who would prove worthy at a tough game of Sharks and Minnows.

After we found our champions in Sharks and Minnows, we moved on to the Egg Toss. These kids might as well have been throwing hard boiled eggs around! It was great to watch – especially when they got a little reckless and threw them too hard, causing them to break all over their partner.

Careful there, campers…

On to the afternoon session… Like I was saying earlier, we were able to play with some of the campers last night and see what they had to offer in a real game. I can speak for the rest of the coaches when I say that there were several campers that really impressed us. This encouraged us to raise the bar even more for the youngsters today, and we pushed them harder through drills and scrimmages.

The level of competition rose throughout the afternoon as coaches challenged campers and the campers began to challenge themselves AND one another. It was awesome. Rhino Lacrosse is great with that – as coaches who are very passionate about the game, they look further than just developing skills. They determine not only WHAT, but HOW each and every player at camp can develop and get themselves to the next level.

All eyes on Coach Powell & Coach Gaebel

We moved the campers through several different skill building drills and then got them into some competition with our Numbers Drill, the Rhino Drill and then a scrimmage to cap off the day. Yet again, everyone showed enthusiasm, coaches got into the drills, and campers responded with even more heart and hustle. We had a great day.

But wait, you can’t miss out on the afternoon fun! We gave the campers the opportunity to showcase their stick skills and a few of them really impressed the judges (coaches). Coming from a place where there isn’t much lacrosse history, it is great to see players from smaller areas like Bend come out and impress all the coaches.

Today might have been Coach Powell’s last day because of obligations with coaching the Junior Black Rhinos in Lake Placid, but the rest of the coaching staff is excited to get one last day with the campers and see who can meet our challenges and finish strong. Come back tomorrow for Day 4, my friends. You’re gonna love it!