Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Seattle, Day 1

Rhino Lacrosse: Seattle
Rhino Lacrosse: Seattle

RP, Coach V and the crew have moved on to Seattle for another round of Rhino Camps – this time with yet another special guest. Today Coach V introduced him as the greatest player many people have never heard of.

His name is Jason Coffman, he played at Salisbury and he is the record holder for most career points in the NCAA with 451 through 62 games. Coffman also holds the record for most assists in a game with 14. See for yourself! I believe these campers are in for a treat.

Coach V challenging the campers to hustle.

After the introductions were all done, we came together for an hour’s worth of drills. The campers were pretty winded by the end! RP has created a great routine of drills that not only help the players to advance their stick skills, but also help develop great fundamentals and increase their overall athleticism.

Here’s how it looked in Seattle today, pretty impressive if you ask me.

The campers started out a little slow, or they just weren’t expecting the intensity and level of a Rhino Camp. But after a little speech by Coach V and RP, they responded very well and brought out the intensity for the morning stations and games before breaking for lunch.

After lunch, we met back up for a little session on creating and identifying 2v1’s before splitting into teams and working on the new knowledge. Then another short demo on working through 3v2’s both offensively and defensively. These were great skills for the campers to learn because that’s what lacrosse is all about – creating mismatches and passing the rock to the open guy so he can bury it passed the keeper.

The afternoon games were a great indicator of the campers already taking in a lot of the knowledge they were receiving from the coaches and putting it to good use. In comparison to the morning drills and games, you could see the campers had become much more aware of mismatches and their stick skills were improving as well. I am really impressed with what RP has created here and how dedicated he and his staff are to making sure all the campers improve by leaps and bounds throughout the week.

Before I go, enjoy some random photos from today. The facility we are using for the camp is the practice center for the Seattle Sounders. In other words, it’s a pretty nice place to lax. One of the Sounders was walking back inside from practice and decided to try his hand at laxing. Not his best effort!

He was done as soon as his buddy pegged him with a pass.

Also, I’ve never been much for custom writing on cleats, but this camper made me raise an eyebrow with his very tasteful choice of customization on these bad boys.

This camper knows how to play, ‘All out’.

Check back tomorrow for some more news from Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Seattle. I guarantee you there will be some quality interviews with some campers and coaches as the week goes on!