Rhino Lacrosse Camp: West Linn, Day 3

Even RP got in on the fun.

Have I mentioned yet that this is the best camp in all the land? Well in case I didn’t, this is the best camp in all the land. Day 3 is in the books and it was a blast. It had everything from an insanely fun carnival, to a D1-style practice led by Coach Doc.

The day started with some more great skill building drills for the campers. Coach V went over the drill and gave another great speech to kick things off before sending the campers on their way. Today’s message: rely on yourself to get to the next level.

Coach V very humbly pointed out that no matter how much coaching he gave the Powell brothers, it was their own desire and determination that brought them to the next level. After splitting into their age groups, campers all took part in 3-man, 2-ball and even some 4-man, 2-ball appeared in some parts of the camp.

Coach Chrisman (SOU) leading morning drills.

Just another one of the quality coaches Rhino Lacrosse is able to offer their campers. Kyle Chrisman started the program at Southern Oregon and has been doing great things with Rhino Lacrosse since.

Coach White and Coach Galloway working with the goalies.

These two haven’t missed any chances to help out the campers this week. Always ready!

Coach Schoonmaker (Syracuse) leading face-offs.

After another round of games to move closer to deciding the Camp Champions, campers met on the hillside for a demo on offense by Coach Ventiquattro. (Video of this coming soon!)

Want to know why this camp stands above the rest? Because it has coaches like Joel White who, even after the drills are over, take time with campers to really breakdown each step of learning proper techniques and form.

Dedication right there.

After lunch, the older campers had the opportunity to experience a NCAA D1-style practice at the hands of Coach Doc and Coach White. (Video of this coming soon too!) They ran through a series of drills before splitting off into defense and shooting/isos. I was able to stick with Coach Doc and the offense and take in some of the drills he was showing them. The biggest change I saw between any practice I’ve ever experienced and the NCAA D1-style is the level of intensity.

Coach Doc explaining 3v2.

The moment they transitioned into the practice, Coach Doc turned from the laid back all-star he is, to a hard-nosed, ready-to-go D1 Lacrosse Coach. The players responded very well and did all they could to meet the expectations of Coach Doc and Coach White. Even with some push-ups because of not following directions, the players fared pretty well throughout the practice.

Oh yea, this isn’t just any ordinary camp. As the afternoon progressed, RP and the gang started to let the campers who weren’t playing games partake in the fun of the dunk tank, jousting, trikes, and tug of war. What better way to relax between afternoon games?

Even RP got in on the fun.

The kid in everyone comes out from time to time. It was great to see all the coaches and campers really come together and have some goofy fun after the first couple days of intense training.

Only one more day left at Rhino Lacrosse Camp in West Linn, then we’re off to Seattle next week for another go. Here’s my swag from today:

Mighty Bro Vandal tank, Nike Lacrosse shorts and Rhino Lacrosse socks