Rhino Lacrosse Camp: West Linn, Day 4

RP helping out a camper understand the drill.

Rhino Lacrosse Camp: West Linn is officially in the books, going out in style with another great day of drills, games, a fastest shot competition and some great gifts for the campers at the end of the day.

Coach V started off Day 4 with a message to the campers – Finish strong. You can start undefeated, but unless you close it out and finish the same way, your great start doesn’t mean anything.

With that, the campers went off to their stations with yet another great motivational speech from Coach Ventiquattro. After everyone warmed up, the Middle school kids got to experience a D1 practice, courtesy of Coach Dougherty.

Doc running the Middle school kids through a D1-style practice.

While the middle school kids were running with Doc at the D1 levels, RP and the gang kept the intensity just as high at the youth and high school levels.

RP helping a camper understand the drill.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. The coaching staff at Rhino Lacrosse is dedicated to making sure the campers are gaining as much knowledge as possible, and they hold them accountable throughout every drill to ensure they learn everything to the fullest extent.

Coach Tillson holding the youngsters accountable with some push-ups.

Coach V then regrouped all the campers together for an awesome demo on clearing and riding. So awesome that it deserves its own post. Just wait and see. The campers then split back into their teams to work on the rides and clears and then take part in their morning games to decide which teams would play in the Camp Championships. Walking around throughout today’s games, it was very obvious that the campers had learned an immense amount of new information and were practicing it on the field.

After lunch and a DUAL stick trick competition, the campers broke back into their divisions for one last run-through before the championship games and fastest shot competition. Since the high schoolers and middle schoolers had already had the pleasure of experiencing the D1 style practice, Coach Galloway and Coach White made sure the youth campers were able to have the same experience.

Coach White even gave the campers a little helping tip on stick tape and hand positions. A great video for the youngsters.

When the day was done and the campers had left, I grabbed the Syracuse boys for a quick interview about Rhino Lacrosse Camps. Definitely an honor being able to learn from such great minds this week.

Sad it’s over? Well you shouldn’t be. Not only do we have a full summer of Rhino Camps ahead of us, I’ll be checking out the Rhino Goalie Clinic with Brian Dougherty tomorrow before heading off to Bend for a little lax action myself with the Scallywags. Speaking of Scallywags, check out my swag from today.

LAS ‘This is Real” tank and my Club team’s shorts (Scallywags)

Definitely one of my favorite tanks so far, check it out in The Lacrosse Shop!