Sacre Bleu! Don’t Lose Your Head On Bastille Day


Storm the nearest castle, play some pétanque and unless you can actually speak the “language of love” feel free to whip out your best Pepé Le Pew in celebration of Bastille Day.

France did not compete in the 2006 World Lacrosse Championship and is currently categorized as an “affiliate” member of the International Lacrosse Federation so I doubt many Parisians are whooping it up with a lax stick (by the sounds of it many are already engaging in the national pastime of random rioting).  More likely they are playing some Pétanque (French bocce ball) and drinking a glass of pastis under the shade of a plane tree.

A few members of the LAS crew took in a mixture of Pétanque and East Coast skateboarding at the annual Brooklyn Bastille Day celebration over the weekend.  So à la vôtre my French compadres and for all you France haters feel free to “go and boil your bottoms, you son of a silly person…you son of a window dresser.”

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