Sacred Heart Players Plead Innocent


sacred heartZachari Triner, Nicholas Travers, and Timothy Sanders, the three Sacred Heart players accused of conspiracy to commit rape, have all pleaded innocent to the charges brought against them.

First and foremost, we here at LAS hope that justice is served, and that whether these individuals are innocent or guilty, the truth comes out during the upcoming trials.

It’s interesting that this hasn’t generated near the amount of attention that the now infamous Duke case did just a few years ago.  Save for a mention on Deadspin in November, the reporting has been mostly regional and low key.  Considering all the stereotypes the sport is already fighting, it’s good to see this being treated as a case involving three college students, not three college lacrosse players.

Maybe the media has learned not to jump the gun (see: Nancy Grace).  Perhaps Sacred Heart isn’t as interesting to the media as a high profile program like Duke.  Either way, it’s nice to know that the legal system will be allowed to run its course without too much interference this time.

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  1. As long as we continue to have a concept of the presumption of innocence, might it not be better for the media to refrain from naming the accused in rape cases? A false accusation of rape does lifetime damage. (As Dennis Prager says, “The rape of a name is also a rape.”)

    Time enough to speculate on the background of the accused and/or the significance of the crime after it has been determined that there really was a crime…

    R. B. Parrish
    (author, “The Duke Lacrosse Case: A Documentary History and Analysis of the Modern Scottsboro”)