Say Hello To A New Writer: W1LDF1RE Come On Down!


Editors Note from Mr. BS: I’d like to be the first to welcome W1LDF1RE to the LAS writing staff.  This guy knows his stuff and was the genius who first introduced the game of lacrosse to your’s truely. Say hello to my little friend

Hello World! This is my first post on and I am fired up about it. This site has been ragin’ for almost a year now and is beginning to draw some serious attention from the lacrosse world. I am going to be ranting about all kinds of topics, hopefully centered around lacrosse, but to begin I’d like to talk about how I became acquainted with the greatest team sport known to man.

Lax has been a key component of my life since about ’98 when I first went to the Delta Parktournament in Portland, Oregon (which no longer exists). Man wasI feeling lucky – I got to play this game instead of baseball??? Word. From then on it was love at first sight. I registered for youth lacrosse in a little town called West Linn. At that time, I could count the teams on two gloves, and we only played 5 v 5 on the field because we and the other teams didn’t have enough players to go 10 v 10 for two 25 min running halves. It was pure cluster ball, like some mix of little league soccer and rugby, but… we were learning. And the sport… it was spreading.

But W1LDF1RE, what kind of gear were you playing with at this early dawn of lax on the west coast?

Good question, my avid reader, because there were no stores selling lacrosse equipment. I mean not only was there no Bigfoot lacrosse store, but sporting goods stores didn’t even know what it was let alone sell the equipment. To get all of our pads, we had to pool our money as a team and make large quantity direct orders to vendors like Brine.

As for the stick, I had a little ace up my sleeve – my dad’s old Brine stick from his college days at UC Davis – I’m talking about an artifact of Cali lacrosse from the 60′ 70’s. I took a picture of this thing so you all know what I was dealing with.This head is a classic, and in fact, I couldn’t find anything about it online. Valuable historical artifact? You decide.

Well, that was the start of something great, and now 4 yrs of varsity, two state championships, numerous all-state awards, Team Oregon, and a year of UO club later, here I am writing to keep the dream alive. Even though I’m not rockin’ any NCAA titles, or playin’ for the NLL’s Portland LumberJax, I think it’s really important for those of us who have been graced by this amazing sport to work hard to keep expanding and improving it. That’s my goal now. That’s how it started for me, and that’s how it will start for the next lacrosse all-star.

Keep livin’ that lax lifestyle!