Scriff In Prague: Day One


Editor’s Note: Alex Scriffiano will be assisting me this week in covering the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, and for his first dispatch from Prague, he hits all the required details. See how the 20th anniversary tournament is shaping up already. I (Connor) leave tonight, arriving tomorrow.


Day one is always the trickiest day when starting a trip. It takes so much time to wind down, find your way, and just plain figure out what is going on. For me, the trip began at JFK airport in beautiful Queens, NY. On my way into the terminal I was met with hordes of people on their way out. A suspicious package left inside forced an evac; not a very good start. Then a quick 8 hour flight, a layover in Geneva, and I was in the town of Radotin, Czech Republic.

Radotin is a small town west of Prague that has hosted what has become the largest international indoor/box tournament in the world. This is the 20th consecutive year of this tournament. Upon my arrival I immediately scurried to the field house to grab a pivo (Czech for beer), see some old friends, and calibrate the wand.

I felt the energy instantaneously as I walked up to the field. Children were already all around throwing, shooting, and sporting their favorite team’s gear. Banners and memorabilia from years past don the walls of the arena area as well as local corporate sponsors, which gives the entire space a professional sheen. I then spent the next few hours tossing the rock and catching up on the past year’s occurrences.

I’m off to Prague now to enjoy the city night life and for some team bonding. The games and tournament will start on Wednesday. I’ll have updates each day and predictions in the posts that follow. For now, enjoy some photos!