Shape The Future Of Lacrosse!

old school australia vintage lacrosse
The game has changed. Just ask these guys.

We were recently approached by an anonymous company (we know who they are) about helping them promote a survey called “Tell Us About Your Favorite Lacrosse Brand!” and we thought this quick hitter survey might be something our readers would be interested in.

Companies want to know what you, the consumer thinks, and it’s a testament to the quality and knowledge of our readers that a company would approach us about such a thing.  If you’ve ever wanted to just spout off on gear, and what you like, now is your chance.  Want to see more of one thing over another?  Let this company know, and it could actually happen.

There’s also a bonus.  Of course there’s a bonus!  After the survey closes, the company will provide prize sticks.  You can be one of 3 winners to build your own premium lacrosse stick, which will have up to a $300 retail value.  Not a bad extra!

Here’s a link to the survey:

Tell Us About Your Favorite Lacrosse Brand!

In the comments, let us know if this is something you’d like to see more of, and if you have any thoughts on gear after taking the survey, feel free to drop those in the comments too!!


  1. They should have asked for my biggest complaints….

    Cost is a barrier to entry that is too large to overcome for so many people who are just trying to figure out if they even like the sport. Before they’ve even taken their first shot, they have a bitter taste in their mouth after looking at their bank statement.