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Show LAS Your Euro Lax!

Europe costume lacrosse

If you’re looking for an Old School post today, look no further than Paul Woody’s Show 24 Seven Lax Your Old School post… it’s a classic! And if you’re looking for something FAR more silly, keep reading!

The European Lacrosse Championships are going on RIGHT NOW in Amsterdam, and while many of the teams there are national teams, and competing for a Euro title, there is also a lacrosse festival going on, and the atmosphere there is nothing short of fun, fun, fun!

Europe costume lacrosse

Classic photo! Many thanks to Michael Rosa for the amazing photograph! Jorrit Grob and Jake Noden certainly know how to dress to impress. Also, is it just me or does a Cow plus Pikachu equal hamburger?

For more GREAT photos from the 2012 European Lacrosse Championships, check out Michael Rosa’s page over on! Tons of great lacrosse photos to check out right there!

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