Show LAS Your Old School: Couch Potato

Old School Lacrosse

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Dogs are man’s best friend.  Let’s get that out of the way first.

But if man were to have a second best friend it would have to be this classic Old School stick sent in by submitter Thomas Langan. You can just imagine Thomas spends a lot of time cradling this baby while sofa surfing the latest lax action on ESPNU.

Thanks for sending it in Thomas!

For next week we’d looking to continue the canine theme. Dog ever chewed your favorite stick? Have you taught Fido to sniff out every errant show you launched high and wide straight into the bushes? We want to meet them! To get you started, here are a few snapshots of the current LAS dog pound.

Jeff's best buddy Bear
Craven's classy dame Bailey

We know we’re not the only animal lovers in the Lax Network. Send in a picture of your pet and a your favorite lax wand (Old School or otherwise) and you can be featured in next week’s post!

Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Submit your photos and stories to!


  1. Have a Brine PL77 at home that was just restrung. Had the same pocket and leathers as the one in this post, but one leather had broken. Was strung keeping the original sidewalls, that look like Timberland laces. Have an original Excalibur, traditional and factory dyed head at home, on an STX Snapshot Shaft (Graphite). Love these old sticks!!

    • Send some pictures to – I want to see that PL77! And how in the world did your graphite shaft survive? Were the STX ones were stronger than Brine ones? I saw more graphite shafts break than any other shaft back in the day.

      BTW, this is a later model PL66 in the article – earlier versions had a round throat for a doweled shaft. I have a green PL66 (octagonal throat) and a yellow PL66 (round throat). Looks like that might be the original mesh, too.