Show LAS Your Old School: Dom Starsia And The Rubeors

Old School Lacrosse

If you weren’t a lacrosse fan, “Dom Starsia and the Rubeors” would probably just sound like a lesser-known 1950s Rockabilly band, but since you’re a HUGE lax fan, you know better.  Dom Starsia is the legendary head lacrosse coach at Virginia, and the Rubeors are a lacrosse family second to none.

And both Dom Starsia and the Rubeors are the focus of this week’s Old School!

The first connection is obvious and recent; Ben Rubeor tore it up at Virginia as a lefty attackman until 2008 when he graduated.

The second connection is just a little older, but just as awesome:

brown lacrosse rubeor starsia

You just have to love an old year book or media guide!  It turns out that Bob Rubeor, Ben’s father, and Dom Starsia played together in college at Brown University.  What a small world!

Here’s a little more info on Starsia’s time at Brown, and how this legendary coach of today learned the game in days past:

An outstanding high school football player, Starsia had never seen a lacrosse game before entering Brown as a student in 1970. Showing natural talent for the game, however, he became one of the best defensemen in school history. He was a third-team All-American in 1973 and 1974, earning first-team All-Ivy and All-New England both years. He captained the Bears in 1974 and played in one NCAA playoff game as well as the annual North-South game.

The above selection is from Dom Starsia’s Virginia bio.  Thanks to Mike Brand for the photo.

Very cool that Dom Starsia picked up lacrosse in college, and that he played on the Brown Men’s Lacrosse team with the parent of a future player of his at Virginia!  Lacrosse is a small world, all you have to do is make the connections!