Show LAS Your Old School: Dominator Photo Shoot


Old School Lacrosse

A loyal reader has submitted another amazing batch of photos.  That means you get treated to another Old School Thursday on Lax All Stars.

This week’s pictures are so good it should be featured in a magazine or coffee table book. Very professional. Very colorful. Very OLD SCHOOL.

Submitter Bill explains:

“Attached are three shots of one of my old dominator’s I recently strung up.

A few things…

I loved this head in high school. Maybe it’s a little stiffer than a turbo or viper, but for the most part I just thought it looked awesome.

For the cross lace, I’ve been using flat x-lace from The Stringers Shack. As the name suggests, it’s flat instead of round. I was worried that it would get twisted as you string, but for the most part it doesn’t. I think the increased surface area works out nicely when stringing a wide diamond traditional. It probably wouldn’t work if you were trying to do something with smaller diamonds, twists, or coils. Overall, I think it’s good stuff.

The shaft is hickory from Hickory Lacrosse. It was a fathers day gift last year. Heavier then my titanium, but poke checks and lifts are a lot more effective with this. I’m not sure which I like better, I go back and forth.

I usually play with a edge (old ones that I get for $10-$20 at Play It Again Sports, I haven’t tried the new 2010 edge yet) Playing with this really gives you an appreciation for offset heads.”


Keep the pictures coming Bill! And that goes for the rest of Lax Nation as well.

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Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Submit your Old School photos and stories to


  1.  I love this site.  I remember when these came out, and every defensemen HAD to have one.

    I have a Viper and STX Turbo.  I’ll try to get some pictures in, but you’ll be appalled that I used mesh, even though I’ve used mesh since back in the 90s.

  2.  If anyone else has one of these laying around, I’d love to string it for an LAS old school head meets new school stringing post. I’ll send it right back and you get a stick strung for free!

  3. thanks for posting my pics and complementing my photography skills, although I must confess it was just taken with my iphone.  

    Josh, I have another blue dominator I can send you, that would be awesome.  
    I should also point out that has red and blue dominators, as well as a bunch of other vintage heads for $20.