Show LAS Your Old School: Hope You Like Mustaches

Old School Lacrosse

Old School Thursday is here and prepare for a warm glass of nostalgia coming your way. New to the game? Old School lacrosse photos are a Lax All Stars staple every Thursday. Send in yours today!

The year was 1974. The Godfather II was headlining Hollywood, All In The Family was #1 on TV, and people were actually reading about a seagull who can talk. Yes, people really read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. And not as a joke or punishment.

And these swarthy gentlemen were patrolling the lacrosse fields of Holland, Michigan.

Hope College’s Head Coach Michael Schanhals submitted the following photos explaining:

“Here are some shots from our first year in 1974.  They were sent to me by Tim VanHeest who founded the program.  Chaplain VanHeest, father of Tim, was our coach when I played in the 80’s.  Great guy… great times.”

Hope College At Toledo, 1974

Hope College At Ohio State, 1974

Is it just me or does the guy with the ‘stache in picture #2 look like a young Same Elliot? You be the judge.

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