Show LAS Your Old School: STX Lacrosse Sticks

8 - Published December 9, 2010 by in Gear

Yet again, we asked and yet again, you answered.  With gusto.  Think living in the past is a bad thing? Not us! Old school lacrosse photos are a time machine to the days of bucket helmets and Shotguns and we want to see every single one of ‘em.

Our friend from Thailand found some unreal old STX heads.  They are brown and look like part of the first generation of plastic lacrosse heads.  We don’t know exactly when they’re from but we would guess the early to mid 70s.  Either way, very cool find!  And the new mesh string job contrasts the aged plastic nicely.  That sounded like some BS art critique.  “That painting shows a lot of depth”.  Yeah, like that.

Two shades of brown? Seems like overkill but I approve!

Go clean out the attic and relive your glory days. Submit your Old School photos and stories to!

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