Show LAS Your Old School: STX Model 73 Styx

Old School Lacrosse

Submitter Thomas Langan shared a picture of his hot rod red STX model 73:

A little more information on the Model 73 from

There are several variations of the MODEL 73 and MODEL 74 STX Lacrosse heads – some with the original traditional style stringing and some with the replacement mesh. These models were made available in 3 different colors; Butterscotch, Green, Red, and Dark Maroon.

All Model 73’s were clearly marked on the back of the head within the throat area with the “73” appearing to have been part of the mold when the liquid plastic was poured. They were made for the Attack position and were originally strung in the traditional method with 4 leathers running from top to bottom, diamond strung pocket, two shooting strings, and a wooden handle. In addition to the model number marking on the back of the head’s throat, the side would usually have a 3 digit number. In the case of the green head below and left, “083”. I have learned from several sources that this could have been the date that the head was made and would translate into the week: 08 = Eighth Week and 3 would = 1973.

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Until then we’ll try as best as we can…to caaaaaarrry on.


  1. We’ve been hunting eBay for an STX Model 73 with the code “333” or “393” for quite some time now (long-story short: birthdays), but I’d honestly take any ’73 or ’74 that I can get my grubby paws on… Even STX Sams are getting hard to come by lately. Outside of, I don’t think I’ve seen an STX Barney since lax camp at Maryland in the late 80s.