Show LAS Your Old School: Thunder Bay 1636

That's a great set of logos!

We love legitimate Old School stories, photos, apparel and videos, but we also have a soft spot in our hearts for modern gear that harkens back to an older day. After seeing an Old School photo on  Facebook (below), we were drawn to Thunder Bay 1636, an apparel company making heritage infused clothing, and we have to say… their gear is fresh!

The University of Adelaide (Australia) Lacrosse in 1895.

The hoodies have great logos, and we love the string up neck feature along the collar area. The belts are a great design, and all of the logo work is top notch!

LOVE the neck ties.
That’s a great set of logos!
thunder_bay_1636 belt
That belt is CLASSIC!

To see more from Thunder Bay, check out their website and online store!