Show LAS Your Old School: Way Back Mesh Kit


Ah, 1977… the year of the very first Brine Lacrosse mesh kit… what an Old School vintage!

Veteran reader and avid lacrosse enthusiast, David Weinberger, sent this over to us and thought we might be interested. Well, you know what? We are! We’ll let David explain a bit further:

I was digging through one of my closets and found a vintage (1977) Brine stringing kit, which you may find of interest.  I am sure I purchased this kit for my first plastic head stick, a yellow Brine PL66 with a wood shaft. It was easy to date the kit because the instructions have a copyright date.

This kit is pure magic, from the materials (which really haven’t changed all that much) to the classic stringing manual. Why don’t companies include stringing manuals anymore? Makes us miss the good ol’ days even more!

Nowadays you’re the odd man out on the field if you’re using traditional, but back then the opposite was true. Man, we really need a time machine. Thanks to David for sending this over, and we truly hope he enjoys the Michigan Lacrosse reunion with his son this weekend!

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