Show Us Your Battle Scar


MLL_Morris_ShoulderHow many times have you taken a beating on the field (knocked to the ground, slashed across the bicep, been pegged with a 90 mph crank shot), and immediately began wondering how awesome the damage looked?  “Pay the toll – go to the goal!” was a phrase an old coach of mine used to routinely shout at practice, and we here at Lacrosse All Stars are interested to see how hefty of a toll you’ve paid.

Lacrosse players are never short on opportunities to pick up a new battle wound, and the story that goes with it is often equally as impressive.  So show us a picture of your red badge of courage, couple it with a story, and we’ll share it with the rest of Lax Nation.

Send your photos along with a description to

A couple of example shots from MLL championship weekend (courtesy of @smittylax):




  1. I broke my forearm in the conference championships. Best injury of my life, we won and I didn't think I was actually injured until the next day when my arm was changing directions. The adrenaline from the game lasted all night.