Spot the Man Bros!

Spot The Man Bros!

Are you ready to Spot the Man Bros? Over the next several months, we’ll be giving away free pairs of Man Bro Bro Man sunglasses to LAS readers who play along. Each Spot the Man Bros post features a photo with Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses strategically placed within it, and it’s your job to spot them all. Every person who answers correctly is entered to win a free pair!

HOW TO ENTER: In the comments section below, tell us (1) the location of each pair in the photo, and (2) which style is featured. Each photo will only feature 1 unique style of Man Bros, but there may be more than one pair!

Alright, now it’s time to SPOT THE MAN BROS!

Spot the Man Bros!


Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

The deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 23rd at 12pm ET. After that, we’ll announce the winner at the bottom of this post.

Visit to check out all the different styles today.


  1. 1) There are four pairs in the picture. One is on a Hobart player, two are on fans in the first row, one of them is wearing a hat and the other is on a Hobart fan standing up and screaming on the right
    2) they are the classic man bros 

  2. Classic Man Bros White Frames
    5 Pairs shown 
    2 fans in the front by railing – guy with a can in his right hand & guy with an orange hat
    1 fan (behind guy w/hat) right hand raised with clenched fist
    1 pr. on Hobart player on the right w/o a helmet on & also a pair on grass next to his left foot

  3. 5 Pairs

    1 on the african american fan in the front row
    1 on the man with the orang baseball cap
    1 on the man to the right of the man in the blue baseball cap
    1 on the Hobart player who has his arms crossed facing the camera
    1 by the feet of the player facing the camera and the player to his right

    They are the white front style (a.k.a Attack) with the white side bar (the most popular Man Bro’s selling)

  4. 1 on the ground next to a guys cleats, the hobart player with crossed arms, the guy witht the orange hat in the stands, the guy standing up in the front row of the stands , and the guy with the black jacket and holding the blue drink in his hand