Spotted: Lacrosse Stick on Parks and Recreation

Lacrosse Stick on Parks and Recreation

Spotted - lacrosse in unexpected places

Editor’s note: Welcome to another great installment of “Spotted”. With your help, we hope to shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places, whether it be on TV or in real life. If you find any aspect of lacrosse in a place you didn’t expect it, we would love to hear from you. Take a quick photo or video and email it to

Remember that time Paul Rudd, or should we say, Bobby Newport, bragged about scoring that lacrosse goal in college during a city council debate? Well, it wasn’t the first time lacrosse made an appearance on NBC’s hit show Parks and Recreation, and today we prove that it also wasn’t the last.

Just last week, Joseph of Throne of String submitted this screenshot from Season 5, Episode 5, titled “Halloween Surprise.” According to Jospeph, “Looks like an STX AV8 with AL2000 Shaft, along with a random d-pole next to it.”

Lacrosse Stick on Parks and Recreation

The producers of Parks and Rec must have some sort of soft spot for our sport because it seems like they won’t stop featuring it. And we’re okay with that!

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